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About Undiemeister®

Undiemeister® is THE premium underwear brand for men. All Undiemeister® products are made of the revolutionary fabric Mellowood®. Want to know more about Undiemeister®? On this page you can read all about Undiemeister and what motivated us to get started with this new fabric.

The Undiemeister® Mission

Always striving for top quality, always striving for the most sustainable and durable. Ever since 2011, we have been working hard on developing top-quality, durable underwear.

The first step of our journey

Underwear made from bamboo was the first step on our journey and a great improvement over cotton. Both in terms of durability and quality. From different companies we convinced consumers to make different choices. That was a very informative period. But it could be better… and it needs to be better.

If it’s possible to do better, do it

The journey is never finished. Good isn’t good enough for us. So if we can take a big step forward in terms of premium quality and durability, then of course we are going to do so. Then you’ll join forces and move on together from different companies. Mellowood™ is that next step, the most beautiful fabric we have ever seen. And felt. We can justify calling this The Next Step.

Maximum durability, absolute top quality: Next step after bamboo.

Mellowood® is a revolutionary big step forward. Made for maximum durability, with a quality that can’t be compared to anything else. Undiemeister® has started working with Mellowood®. The result is astonishing. Read everything about Mellowood® here.

So who is Undiemeister®?

Rik is the founder of Undiemeister® and brought bamboo underwear to the Netherlands in 2011. When Rik discovered Mellowood® he was sold. Jeroen Adriaans, who as CEO enabled Bamigo to grow from nothing into a multi-million dollar company  is now the Co-founder of Undiemeister ®. Remko is the e-commerce marketing specialist par excellence. Chances are he is the one who brought you to this page. Or was could have been Michiel, who, with catchy social media campaigns, is trying to convince everyone to stop by and see what we are all about. And let’s not forget Cynthia, the best underwear concept designer. Perfect fit and an optimal finish is what keeps her awake at night. Is there still some information about us that you don’t have? Then contact us.

Welcome to Undiemeister®, glad to have you here and above all: enjoy Mellowood®!

Unparalleled Premium, Maximum Durability.

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