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Curious about/interested in the latest developments within Undiemeister?

The latest developments at Undiemeister®

After a dynamic starting period of Undiemeister®, we would like to keep you informed of our progress. And our progress has been amazing! For

The first media campaigns have started

Undiemeister heeft in haar korte bestaan een nieuwe mijlpaal behaald. Na onze lancering op de radio een aantal weken geleden zijn we nu ook

Jeroen Adriaans (CEO of Undiemeister®) announces launch during radio interview

On Tuesday 19 November, Jeroen Adriaans (former CEO of Bamigo) announced that he and his partner Rik Vegter are launching a new brand in

Crowdfunding – The next step, with UNDIEMEISTER®

Underwear is a huge market with a massive impact. The NEW Mellowood® FABRIC surpasses everything in terms of quality, luxury and durability. The best

3=2 Discount

Our introduction offer: a free boxer short. Check the discount code page for more information.