Undiemeister® adds PostNL collection points

Undiemeister® adds PostNL collection points

The time has finally come, the PostNL collection points have been added to our delivery options. Undiemeister is fully focused on sustainability and CO2 reduction. To reinforce this, we are working on improving our business operations on a daily basis. Custom packaging was our most recent step towards reducing the unnecessary transport of "air". Now we can let our transporters drive fewer kilometres by using the collection points.


Fewer transport operations

The fewer transport operations, the better it is for the environment. Certainly in these times, where online store sales are increasing rapidly and therefore the number of deliveries, it is important to reduce the number of trips for the delivery vans as much as possible. Every transport operation means more CO2 and if that can be reduced, that's an advantage.


Local to our customers

That is why we have recently given our customers the option to have orders delivered to PostNL collection points in their area. If more customers do this, also for orders from online shops other than Undiemeister®️, the carrier will deliver all parcels to one collection point in one go. Everyone can collect their parcel at that collection point, often a place people visit regularly, for example for their daily shopping. This is convenient and saves a lot of unnecessary traffic and is, therefore, better for the environment. Because the customer was already heading that way anyway. And if not, our customers often walk or cycle.


Difficult implementation of the PostNL collection points

You could argue that we are rather late to the table in this regard, if you look at our sustainable mission. But it all depends on how you look at it (as with so many things, actually). In fact, we introduced collection in our first year, so we're not that late to the table. In addition, offering the collection option to customers is not something you simply start doing. It sounds simple, but it by no means is.


At the “back end” of the company, this takes quite some effort, because it has consequences for the logistics process. This means complicated software that must connect with our logistics service provider and be properly received on the PostNL side, in order to prevent the parcels from ending up in places that are anything but close to our customers' home address.


Extensive testing

Anyway, it requires a certain amount of effort, but once it's been tried and tested, it does exactly what it says on the tin. And it does need extensive testing because we intend to maintain a high level of service to our customers, so we always want to be sure that deliveries continue to run smoothly. Our tip: use the collection points and decide for yourself when to collect your package. Another advantage: you no longer have to stay at home and you are not tasking your neighbours in your absence.