Undiemeister does not compromise on quality

Undiemeister does not compromise on quality

We are committed to premium quality and sustainability, as you probably know and have seen on our website, in our TV ads, in newspapers, on social media, etc. You can't do something like that “on the side”. You have to be totally committed or not do it at all, it's that simple.


That means taking responsibility. Not just when things are going right, but especially when they are not. And are 100% committed to our products. Only the best of the best is good enough, on all fronts.


However, at the time of writing this blog, 10 February 2021, we are not particularly satisfied with our boxer shorts, an important item in our range. That is why we have decided to temporarily remove all boxer shorts from our range. Why?


Undiemeister is incredibly popular. Our TV commercials are very popular and our products are valued. That's what every company wants. However, things at Undiemeister have happened much faster in recent months than we expected in even the most optimistic scenarios.


However, we have now discovered that a number of boxer shorts have quality issues. They probably slipped through quality control. Because we do not want to run any risks in this regard, immediate action was taken and all boxer shorts were temporarily removed from our range until the quality issues are resolved.


We will of course do everything we can to quickly deliver the trusted quality again. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.


Kind regards,

Team Undiemeister