Undiemeister® hits the TV sceens with Ich Bin Undiemeister

Undiemeister® hits the TV sceens with Ich Bin Undiemeister

The whole world needs to know who Undiemeister®️ is and what Undiemeister®️ stands for! That is why we have decided to expand our campaign to television. Why television? We are already quite dominant online, you may even have seen our social media campaigns or you may have seen Undiemeister®️ appear in your search results on Google or while reading the newspaper.


Launch of the TV campaigns

TV is unknown territory for us. It will enable us to reach many more Meisters. Although...not entirely unknown. Jeroen, the CEO of Undiemeister®️, has a lot of experience with the medium of television. During his time as CEO of Bamigo, Jeroen commissioned TV commercials for years, in order to rapidly grow the brand. So, we suppose the commercials are not completely unknown territory for us after all.


Undiemeister®️ uses Mellowood®️ fabric that we developed ourselves, and for which we have now also obtained a patent. Mellowood®️ fabric is a unique fabric that is 100% environmentally friendly and maximum Co2 neutral. We believe everyone should know about this and more importantly .. wear it! In order to achieve this goal, we have decided to use TV campaigns.


Our TV ad

We think we have succeeded in highlighting Undiemeister®️ as a different and better brand than all the alternatives for men's underwear on the market. We hope you agree that the TV ad stands out and that the TV ad sticks in your mind. Curious about our TV ad? Watch it here:


Would you like to knwo more about Undiemeister®️ products or about the unique properties of our Mellowood®️ fabric? Check out our T-shirts and Boxer Shorts here and become a real Meister! We are assured that you will be amazed by our quality. Enjoy the comfort of our products!