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Crowdfunding – The next step, with UNDIEMEISTER®

Underwear is a huge market with a massive impact. The NEW Mellowood® FABRIC surpasses everything in terms of quality, luxury and durability. The best of both worlds. Undiemeister® is taking the next big step in underwear! Mellowood®: the revolutionary new fabric with which Undiemeister® is going to turn the world of textiles upside down. The first Crowdfunding

Why is underwear so important?

Underwear? Yes, the most important piece of clothing there is. Both for you and for our planet.

That’s why Undiemeister® has a mission

And not just any one: the best underwear and the most sustainably produced. We are obsessed with underwear!

Why the most sustainable?

So not only sustainable, but most sustainable. More underwear is produced than other items, because everyone wears underwear every day. And textiles have a massive impact on our environment. Every bit helps and we are making sure to take giant leaps. You can’t be sustainable enough when it comes to underwear! Of course we have many certificates. But we don’t stop there, read on!

Why the best underwear?

Your day starts with underwear and you wear it until you go back to sleep. And you wear underwear directly on your skin. So the quality of the fabric is very important. The fit. The finish. You shouldn’t ‘feel’ underwear when you’re wearing it, but it’s there. As a modest, strong and soft companion. That doesn’t mean that underwear shouldn’t look beautiful and stylish. We have chosen the most beautiful colors, directly from nature

Why crowdfunding?

Our planet yearns for sustainability, the market wants premium underwear. That’s why we want to speed things up, and we know what it takes to do so.

What are we going to do with the funding?

We have already made the first investments ourselves; both with the construction and design of the new website (now being finalized), the designs of the Undiemeister® articles, the filing of the Undiemeister® and Mellowood® trademarks, the two patent applications, and the production of the first generation of articles.

However, we expect that demand will be high, so we want more stock so we can deliver quickly and will not be sold out within a few weeks. The market is ready for it. In addition, we will quickly expand the range so that there is sufficient choice for everyone. And of course everyone must know Undiemeister®! We will accomplish this with through marketing campaigns so no one can ignore Undiemeister® any longer.

Our first goal: €125.000,-

At 100%, we can build up sufficient stock to meet the expected high demand for our unique product, including the first expansions of our range.

Our next goal: €250.000,-

At 200%, the range will be further expanded and Undiemeister® will be promoted with national campaigns. Think of all the major daily newspapers and a good chance for TV advertising. Jeroen knows exactly how to get this done!

AND … soon Undiemeister® will be on TV and you can say that you made that possible!

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