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Discount codes

Discount codes

Now as an introduction, you temporarily receive a free Undiemeister® boxer short!

Undiemeister does not usually offer any discounts. It simply isn’t necessary because our Mellowood® t-shirts and boxer shorts have become extremely popular in a very short period of time. So why offer a free boxer short as an introduction? Mellowood® is a new and revolutionary fabric, with many benefits beyond what you are currently used to wearing. That’s why we want to convince everyone who doesn’t know Mellowood® yet know of its quality. With an extra pair of boxer shorts, it is even easier to do so and we are happy to offer that. You can use this offer with discount code 3=2.

How our free boxer short discount code works "3=2"?

Choose 1 boxer short, 1 t-shirt and a third item of your choice. Enter the introductory discount code in the shopping cart: 3=2. After entering the code, the purchase amount of 1 boxer short will be deducted immediately.
PLEASE NOTE: This offer only applies to new customers!

The exceptional properties of Mellowood® at a glance:

  • Silky soft
  • Does not pill
  • Anti-perspiration
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Colorfast, even after washing
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial
  • Barely any shrinkage
  • Temperature regulating
  • Maximum water savings and recycling
  • Minimal CO2 emissions

3=2 Discount

Our introduction offer: a free boxer short. Check the discount code page for more information.