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Jeroen Adriaans (CEO of Undiemeister®) announces launch during radio interview

On Tuesday 19 November, Jeroen Adriaans (former CEO of Bamigo) announced that he and his partner Rik Vegter are launching a new brand in premium underwear called Undiemeister®. Undiemeister® is “the new step after bamboo” according to Adriaans. Undiemeister® is made from the Mellowood® fabric which was developed by Undiemeister® itself and is patented.

Jeroen Adriaans announced during the radio broadcast of De Ondernemer that he is starting a new company: Undiemeister®. You can listen to the podcast here where the entrepreneur talks about this new chapter

Adriaan’s new entrepreneurial adventure shows that this type of venture is in his blood. His Bamigo non-compete clause only expired in July this year and now there is another new company in sustainable men’s underwear: UndieMeister®.

Undiemeister® Logo - Red
Undiemeister® Logo – Red


With his new company Adriaans is once again selling men’s underwear made of a durable fabric: not bamboo this time, but mellowood®. The entrepreneur has applied for a patent on this durable textile, which is a combination of an Austrian fabric (which declares the German nod in the name Undiemeister®) and organic cotton. The presale has started at undiemeister.com.

“Private investors are entrepreneurs nine times out of ten and they have a certain contribution to offer.”

Adriaans primarily financed his new company with his own resources, but did start up a small crowdfunding before the launch. The entrepreneur talks about his preference for private investors: My experience with banks is that it is a long process, while private investors are entrepreneurs themselves nine times out of ten and they have a certain contribution to offer.”