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Bamboo Boxer Shorts? A Meister knows better.

Bamboo boxer shorts? No, the best alternative is Mellowood®.

And we should know, after years of selling bamboo boxer shorts (and the first in the Netherlands). Because then you know the pros and cons like no other. In fact, we know exactly what a boxer shorts must meet. And if it can be better, you will. At least, that’s how Undiemeister® is.

When we discovered Mellowood® we actually already knew. This is the next step after the bamboo boxer. What a wonderful material and moreover: much stronger, nicer colors, much less shrinkage and hardly any pills.

Wow! This is what we wanted.

Truly better

Of course this did not happen overnight. Just as with bamboo, we examined the Mellowood® boxer shorts from top to bottom. Washed them many times and also: worn them for a long time without washing. You probably think that isn’t too fresh right? Wrong! Because Mellowood® kept smelling fresh for much longer than bamboo boxer shorts. And it stayed in place longer, whereas with the bamboo boxer shorts the legs already start to creep up after wearing them.

When we delved even deeper into Mellowood®, we discovered that the production is maximally sustainable. While bamboo has many vagueness about the sustainability of the production, it is completely transparent with boxer shorts from Mellowood®. Maximum recycling of production resources and CO2-free as much as possible. And made under good working conditions. Fairtrade underwear, you could say.

Well, boxer shorts from Mellowood® really combine the best of both worlds: incomparably premium, maximum durability. We want that and our customers want that. Because our customers are Meisters, just like us.

What exactly are those properties and advantages of Mellowood® boxer shorts compared to bamboo, you ask yourself? We have listed all the important points for you and here you can read all about our new and maximum durable fabric.

Nice to know: boxer shorts from Undiemeister are almost seamless and have comfortable, long legs.

Be sure to check out our more sustainable and more premium alternative to bamboo t-shirts!

Mellowood® Beats Bamboo Boxer Shorts (and Cotton)

Silky soft-
Rapid moisture absorption-
Temperature regulating-
Hardly any pills-
Hardly any shrinkage-
Color fastness-
Sustainable production--
Underwear 3.0!
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Ultra soft and comfortable underwear. And responsibly produced too. Awesome!
Undiemeister beats the bamboo
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You almost forget to take them off to wash, they are so comfortable
M van Geet
Happy with Undiemeister!
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Good information. Fast service and accurate delivery. The underwear fits and feels perfect. I'm happy with it.
Paul van weerdenburg
Expensive but good
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Excellent quality
Pricey but if something goes wrong it is solved nicely
Best shirts
Have tried everything
J.T.J. Bartels
Beautiful boxer shorts
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Beautiful boxer shorts. Good quality. Great fit. Delivery as agreed. Very satisfied.
Paul de Kleijn
I have good experience with undiemeister so far
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I have good experience with undiemeister so far. After I ordered the wrong size, I returned the items and the amount was credited within a week, you will also receive an answer within a day in the communication via email.
Janny Stappers
Beautiful material
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Wonderful material, looks beautiful and comfortable. I don't wear them myself but my husband confirmed the shorts and shirts are lovely to wear.
Good, fast service too!

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