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Durable underwear for men

Everything seems to be durable

It seems like no one’s talking about anything else anymore: durability. This has to be durable, that has to be durable, everything has to be durable. And yes, durability is certainly important, but we fear that the pendulum is swinging in the wrong direction. At a certain point you can’t see the forest through the (durable) trees anymore. And we aren’t even taking about whether something is truly durable or not. Because without the durability label you don’t matter anymore, which leads to false claims and fake certifications. This is no different for, you guessed it, durable underwear. Because durability is the buzzword of the moment when it comes to underwear. Or organic underwear, you can call it whatever you want.

So everything has to be durable, but where does durable really make a difference? The answer is simple: it does for items that are mass-produced. One of those items is underwear. But when do we talk about durable underwear. What do you pay attention to? For answers to those questions you’ve come to the right page. We know all about durable underwear and, ok, organic underwear, even if we think that’s a bit of a weird word.

Our experiences with durable underwear

Since 2011 we have been working on underwear, especially durable underwear. So when you order your underwear, pay attention to that. Because what’s important? First of all, the production process of the underwear, and we are talking about the fabric in this case. Everything starts with the fabric, that’s where more than 80% of the durability lies. Does the fabric have a natural origin, from a plant for example, or is the fabric made of a synthetic fiber? The latter usually involves chemical, polluting processes. Those aren’t really great. But fabrics that use plants as a basis can also have something wrong with your underwear. Cotton, for example, that’s a plant. But the problem with cotton is that it is a very fragile plant. Vulnerable to atmospheric influences, vulnerable to insects. That is why a lot of pesticides are used in the production of cotton. And that’s not ok. Not for the environment and not for the people who have to work with it, often in developing countries. So if you’re going to order underwear, keep this in mind. And keep in mind that cotton needs an awful lot of water. Entire lakes have already been drained because of the adjacent cotton plantations. The Aral sea is such an example. This is absolutely not durable, because water is fast becoming a very scarce commodity for mankind. Not to mention the soil erosion that takes place in cotton underwear; the fact is that the soil is being depleted.

Organic cotton is a big step forward

For organic underwear (the name says it all), organic cotton, is much better. No pesticides are used to control harmful insects, but they use other insects instead. A completely natural process. Water obtained naturally is used as water. So no artificial irrigation, but rainwater. A big step forward. So if you’re going to order underwear, pay attention to this too.

The production process is decisive when it comes to durability

And then the production process. Chemicals are often used, also in organic underwear. Usually there is no other way to do this, but are these chemicals recycled? Do they take every effort is made to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible? Pay close attention to this with underwear and especially with underwear sold as durable underwear. Or organic underwear. Is the supplier transparent? Do you know the name where it’s produced? So if you’re going to buy underwear, then that’s something to pay attention to.

Our experience with bamboo underwear is that part of it is durable, but parts of it are not. People are often unclear about the production process, where bamboo is used to make viscose. We were incredibly disappointed about that and it is the reason we stopped using bamboo underwear. This led us to develop the new Mellowood fabric.

Off to buy durable underwear real quick

So you thought I’m gonna go order some underwear? Pfff, what a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Because we have a lot of experience with durable underwear, we have made to sure have our business in order. You could easily call our underwear organic underwear, even if we don’t use the term ourselves. But it’ s durable underwear for sure. All processes have been checked and we detail where everything comes from on the site.

The best features our durable underwear has:

Enjoy Undiemeister!

Underwear 3.0!
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Paul van weerdenburg
Expensive but good
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I have good experience with undiemeister so far
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I have good experience with undiemeister so far. After I ordered the wrong size, I returned the items and the amount was credited within a week, you will also receive an answer within a day in the communication via email.
Janny Stappers
Beautiful material
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Wonderful material, looks beautiful and comfortable. I don't wear them myself but my husband confirmed the shorts and shirts are lovely to wear.
Good, fast service too!

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