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Undiemeister® has a question for you: can everyone see your T-shirt? Huh? What kind of a strange question is that? What do you mean Undiemeister®? Yes, perhaps it seems like an odd at question at first glance. But it is not so strange when you consider the purpose of the Undiemeister® T-shirts. We have developed an invisible T-shirt for under your dress shirt!

Fashion T-shirt

Undiemeister® T-shirts are bought to wear under other clothing. Our T-shirts are therefore not intended to be put on and to walk around with, as you would with say outerwear. In other words, Undiemeister® T-shirts are not the so-called fashion T-shirts. Which is not to say that we don’t apply the latest trends in the field of T-shirts, if we think that those improve our clothing (which is seldom the case by the way).

A T-shirt under a shirt

Because our T-shirts are worn under say a dress shirt, they are not meant as outerwear. Not that everyone sticks to that, because our T-shirts are so breathable and anti-perspirant that many Meister wear them as “normal” T-shirts. Especially in the summer. And we think that’s fine of course, because the shirts are something to be proud of, even if you’re not wearing them as undershirts. But that’s not quite what we mean by asking about the invisible T-shirt, whether everyone is allowed to see your T-shirt. What we mean is, if you wear your Undiemeister® T-shirt as an undershirt, i.e. underneath outerwear, whether they should still be allowed to see the T-shirt.

Invisible T-shirt or not, tastes differ

What is the objection to your T-shirt being seeing underneath a dress shirt? Is that a bad thing? You may not remember, but not so long ago, your T-shirt was supposed to be seen under your dress shirt. Think of the close-fitting round collar, which is clearly visible with an open collar on a shirt. You were supposed to see it! Look at me, I have a great, tight T-shirt! It might cost a little something, but you had something special. And to be honest, we still think it looks great, with some people.

The trend changes, so the fashion changes

Yes, fashion evolves, and you probably don’t think that is strange. For example, look at fast fashion, something we have written a blog about before. As far as we are concerned, that is bit of nonsense. Every quarter, sometimes even every month a new item replaces the previous one, really? Is that necessary? One person might say “no… ridiculous.”  Do you know what that costs in waste? Do you know how polluting that is? Yes, says the other, because I want to keep up with the rest of my “peer-group” (even though they won’t admit it that quickly). Or, yes, because after a month I’m already tired of that blouse I just got…

The rise of the V-neck T-shirts as the first invisible T-shirts

The trend from a visible to an invisible (part) of a T-shirt as an undershirt, especially seeing the neckline, has been going on for a while now. While it used to be “cool” to show part of your white collar of the T-shirt, this has clearly changed over time. That started with the V-neck T-shirts. They are designed to prevent others from seeing that you are wearing a T-shirt. That’s really the only reason. That way, the top button, or the top two buttons of the shirt could be opened up. An invisible T-shirt as it were.

Underwear 3.0!
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Ultra soft and comfortable underwear. And responsibly produced too. Awesome!
Undiemeister beats the bamboo
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You almost forget to take them off to wash, they are so comfortable
M van Geet
Happy with Undiemeister!
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Good information. Fast service and accurate delivery. The underwear fits and feels perfect. I'm happy with it.
Paul van weerdenburg
Expensive but good
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Excellent quality
Pricey but if something goes wrong it is solved nicely
Best shirts
Have tried everything
J.T.J. Bartels
Beautiful boxer shorts
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Beautiful boxer shorts. Good quality. Great fit. Delivery as agreed. Very satisfied.
Paul de Kleijn
I have good experience with undiemeister so far
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I have good experience with undiemeister so far. After I ordered the wrong size, I returned the items and the amount was credited within a week, you will also receive an answer within a day in the communication via email.
Janny Stappers
Beautiful material
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Wonderful material, looks beautiful and comfortable. I don't wear them myself but my husband confirmed the shorts and shirts are lovely to wear.
Good, fast service too!

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