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Long white T-shirts

Long white shirts or for example super short?

Why would you want long white T-shirts? And we’re not talking about the color but the length here. Let’s turn the question around and ask about a short white T-shirt, would that be something for you? If we ask the ladies for a moment, the answer is clear. Most women don’t want a long white shirt, but a short one. That was called, if our memories are correct, a “belly button” shirt. Or maybe a T-shirt like that is still called that. Apparently it is (or was) sexy or trendy. And maybe very comfortable in hot weather, who knows. But for us gentlemen, would that be just as sexy if we wore it? So not a long white shirt, but super short instead? We have our doubts. The question is whether other people are looking forward to the image of a hairy belly walking around right in front of them. Or one of those proud bellies for whom the owner has clearly invested a number of years of eating delicious meals with an occasional beer. But even if you have been working on your fitness, diet and training to get and keep your stomach as flat and toned as possible. Even then it is questionable whether you will feel more comfortable with such a short shirt or would prefer to go with the longer white shirt. We assume it is going to be the latter.

Our extra-long shirts are multi-functional

But apart from the aesthetic appeal, because we everyone can have his or her own opinion about that, because tastes differ. A long white shirt, and even white T-shirts extra long, are mainly bought by men because long white T-shirts are functional. Yes indeed, that leads us to one of the characteristic differences between men and women. For men, something has to be functional first and foremost, it has to work. Women often think this is a little less important, something has to look good first. So what’s this so-called functionality for men when we’re talking about long white T-shirts? Simple, men don’t just want to show less of their own belly button, men want a shirt to stay tucked into the pants where it belongs, they want a long white shirt worn as an undershirt under a dress shirt to stay where it belongs. It’s as simple as that. Nothing is more annoying (yes, hyperbole for dramatic effect we know), It’s very annoying when you have to tuck your shirt back into your pants constantly. Because you can’t do that without tucking in your dress shirt as well. And that’s often hard to do without undoing your pants, unfastening your belt if you’ve got one on, and then make sure to get everything back in place.

Undiemeister® shirts are white T-shirts extra long

And not only our white T-shirts are extra long, even though they are bought most often, our other T-shirt colors have that extra length as well. Standard. You don’t have to do anything for it or select it somewhere. What’s more, our long white T-shirts hardly shrink at all, so that length stays the same. At least, as long as you follow our washing instructions so no more than 30 degrees Celsius .

That is why you buy a long white shirt at Undiemeister®, standard. You are welcome!

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