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Sustainable underwear

Organic underwear and sustainable underwear, what's the difference??

Organic underwear and sustainable underwear are two terms that are often confused. At least, used interchangeably. However, there are some subtle differences between the two terms.

Sustainable underwear

Sustainable underwear is underwear, as the name suggests, that has been durably produced. In short, that means that as many parts of the product and the production are as sustainable as possible. And sustainable in turn means that the environment is burdened as little as possible. With sustainable underwear this means that the manufacturing of the fabric, including the raw materials of the fabric, are as sustainable as possible. 

And, of course, you can go much further with that concept. For example, considering the transport of the products. After all, what good is the sustainable production of articles in the Far East if they are then flown in? Or, at best, to be transported by ship. In that case, a large part of the sustainable concept is void. So what is the difference with organic underwear you may be wondering

Biological underwear

Organic underwear is actually always sustainable, but in an organic way. This means that many of the durability elements in organic underwear are solved in an organic way. A good example is organic cotton, which at Undiemeister® is one of the components of the premium Mellowood® fabric. Organic underwear, for example, does not use artificial irrigation, but makes optimal use of rainwater, either directly or by collecting it and using it later.

Also, biological underwear does not use (chemical) pesticides to protect against harmful insects but prefers to fight those harmful insects by using other insects, which are the natural enemy of that harmful variant. Is everything solved biologically with organic underwear? No, not everything, but as much as possible. Sometimes chemicals are necessary, but they are then recycled as much as possible. So that brings us to the third term after sustainable underwear and organic underwear: Fairtrade underwear.

Fair-trade underwear (and Fairwear)

Fairwear mainly refers to the working conditions of the people who produced the underwear. Are the working conditions good, and above all: do people get a (proportionally) fair wage, based on a fair price they get for their products, so that they can have a good standard of living in the country of origin. This last aspect is the main focus of Fairtrade underwear. And just to be clear, you cannot and should not compare fairwear and fairtrade 1 on 1 with the conditions we have in the Netherlands. We are generally far ahead of the countries where most fair-trade underwear is produced in terms of working conditions and remuneration. Our standard of living is generally higher, but so is our cost of living. 

So fair-trade underwear does not mean that everything is regulated the same as in the Netherlands. People in the country of origin should primarily get a fair price for their articles. Does fair-trade underwear have something to do with sustainable underwear or organic underwear? That’s possible, but not necessarily. Of course it is not entirely logical to produce and sell fair-trade underwear that is then produced in a polluting way. On the other hand, fair-trade underwear does not directly say that you are dealing with sustainable or organic underwear. And vice versa is also true, sustainable underwear does not mean fair-trade underwear. And there too, it makes no sense to market organic underwear, or sustainable underwear, which is not fair-trade underwear. Are you still able to follow along?

Do you need a certificate for fair-trade underwear or sustainable underwear?

No, that’s not necessary. A certificate does provide some certainty, but unfortunately it doesn’t tell you everything. It is much better if the company where you want to buy your sustainable underwear or fair-trade underwear from is transparent about how the underwear is produced. So don’t focus too much on a certificate, because sometimes these certificates are not used because of the high extra costs involved, while the underwear is still sustainable or fair-trade underwear.

Sustainable underwear or fair-trade underwear from Undiemeister®

Undiemeister® underwear is sustainable underwear. We do not flaunt our certificates, but every production series is re-certified. That takes a little more work, but that’s how we want it to be. After all, we purchase from a reputable Austrian company (Lenzing™), and Austrians have a thorough approach. The relationship with a European company does not require a Fairtrade certificate, that would be a bit crazy. Furthermore, our articles are made in Europe, in factories that have all been checked for working conditions where necessary.

Underwear from Undiemeister® is Sustainable Underwear, Fairtrade Underwear and to a large extent also organic underwear. Welcome to Undiemeister®.

Underwear 3.0!
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