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White t-shirts for men

Undiemeister® T-shirt

V-neck Chalk White (white)

Undiemeister® T-shirt

Round neck Chalk White (white)

Undiemeister® T-shirt

V-neck Volcano Ash (black)

Undiemeister® T-shirt

Round neck Volcano Ash (black)

White t-shirts for men

What’s there to tell about white men’s shirts or men’s white t-shirts? There is so much and so little to say at the same time. For example, we could say that white t-shirts for men are a standard choice. Most men are conservative in their choice of shirts (and this goes for a great number of things related to clothing, let alone fashion).

A standard choice, those white t-shirts for men. After all, white looks good on everything. Well, good, a white men’s t-shirt is a safe choice, a choice that you can never really go wrong with. Not really a bold choice, there are a thousand and one t-shirts that are anything but white men’s t-shirts. But anyway, why would you want t-shirts in all the colors of the rainbow.

If you use your shirt mainly as an undershirt, meaning that nobody and we really do mean nobody, will see it during the day? In fact, you don’t wear that shirt for other people, but purely for yourself. And if those are white men’s t-shirts then that’s fine. As long as the white t-shirts are functional for men, so do what they should. And what is that exactly?

The color doesn't matter, a white shirt is fine for men, as long as it works

A white men’s t-shirt, that does what it’s meant to do. In the first place, the shirt has to be soft, and of course the color doesn’t make any difference there. Besides, it’s nice if your shirt ventilates well, meaning that you keep feeling fresh throughout the day. Moisture absorption and rapid moisture dissipation, another property where color makes no difference.

White shirts do this as well as any color can. At least they can do so if they’re made of the right fabric, not from cotton, for example. We have chosen Mellowood® as our fabric, a fabric with sublime qualities. Wonderfully soft, perfect ventilation, fast moisture absorption and wicking (perspiration) and it is even hypoallergenic. White t-shirts or any color for that matter, Mellowood® always works well.

So white t-shirts for men made of Mellowood® are the perfect choice for men who want a shirt that does what it should do without running around in all kinds of fancy colors. And who don’t even want those fancy colors, because the shirt is usually worn as an undershirt and then a white men’s t-shirt is completely fine. Undiemeister® offers men’s t-shirts in white and black.

Yes, also in black, because black is a nice neutral color that just looks good under certain colored shirts (but not in white men’s shirts for example because a black t-shirt would be too see-through) and also under a sweater.

For all your white men’s t-shirts, Undiemeister® is the right choice!

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