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Ordering means means paying less per item: the Meistertier

What is the Meistertier?

You’ve probably seen it already, the Meistertier. If not, check the product page of your favorite article, you will see the tier on the right-hand side. The Meistertier is unique to Undiemeister and was developed by us ourselves. In a simple way, the Meistertier calculates how much of a discount you will receive for the items you put in your shopping basket every single time. Because the word “tier” says it all: your price per item is up to you!

If you order more than one item at a time, you will receive a constantly increasing discount, which can amount to 20%. On all items in your shopping basket, whatever you buy. So whether you buy the same items, or all different sizes, colors, a combination of boxer shorts or t-shirts, etc. Whatever you want.

All your benefits of the Meistertier: three birds with one stone!

Benefit number one

Undiemeister wants to do things smarter all the time and doesn’t think along the beaten track. We thought it was crazy that you don’t get discounts anywhere for items you know you need more than one of. Like you want to run around in the same boxer shorts every day, we didn’t think so! And the same goes for your t-shirts.

All that is offered are these types of “packs”, like 3, 6 or 9 black boxer shorts the same goes for t-shirts: 3, 6 or 9 white. Or black. Or those so-called multi-packs in color combinations that no one really wants. And you do get a discount for those. But naturally that doesn’t work for Meisters, because a Meister might want 4 boxer shorts and 2 t-shirts, in different colors maybe. Because Meisters decide for themselves what they are going to buy. And how much of it. And in what colors. So that’s benefit number one.

Benefit number two

And that flexibility is not your only benefit. Because, as you know, Undiemeister is unparalleled premium. We use the best fabric (Mellowood®), that we developed in-house. The finish is extremely luxurious and the colors, well, you won’t find more attractive colors anywhere. So our products cost a little more too. Naturally you get top quality in return, but we still wanted to make the price a bit more attractive. More available to everyone. And that is possible if you order more, because then our costs are also lower. Like our shipping costs for example. It’s as simple as that, we don’t want to complicate things.

Benefit number three

And finally, perhaps the most important reason of all: the environment, which, as you know, is very near and dear to our hearts. And the same probably goes for you. If you order more articles in one go, the delivery person will visit you less often. Maybe you think that’s a shame because you have a good relationship with him or her, could just be! But being serious for a moment, all those trips are constantly multiplying the CO2 levels. And that just happens to be the biggest environmental challenge we all have to face together: reduce CO2. And for that reason, too, you receive a discount from us. Isn’t that nice?

How does it work?

You immediately see where you stand with your discount, thanks to the sliding Meistertier bar. Go ahead and try it out. For each article you add to your shopping cart, the bar will move to the right. Didn’t get your discount yet? Add another article, whatever article you want. Boom! Discount. Each time the small shopping basket also slides into the top right of your screen, and immediately calculates your total price. It’s as simple as that, you see what you save immediately!

So: decide your own favorite combination and also decide the price you pay, with the Meistertier. Naturally exclusive to Meisters.

3=2 Discount

Our introduction offer: a free boxer short. Check the discount code page for more information.