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Our Mellowood® fabric

Unparalleled Premium, Maximum Durability

What is Mellowood ®?

Mellowood® is a unique and durable fabric, developed by Undiemeister®.. We thought we could do better. This is how the blissful union between TENCEL™ and certified organic cotton Mellowood® came into being. Mellowood® is therefore only and exclusively available at Undiemeister. The benefits are premium quality and maximum durability, which is second to none.

Premium quality

Mellowood® is soft as silk, absorbs moisture quickly and dries quickly, is highly ventilated, is anti-bacterial, hardly pills or shrinks and retains its beautiful color even after washing. Organic cotton gives Mellowood® its firmness. Soft and firm makes for the most beautiful underwear.

We understand that it is difficult to compare fabrics with one another. That’s why you’ll find an easy overview below:

Snelle vochtopname-
Temperatuur regulerend-
Nauwelijks pillen-
Nauwelijks krimp-
Duurzame productie--

Comparison to bamboo

We understand that bamboo is often compared to Mellowood®, but above you can see that this new fabric is the next step after bamboo, both in terms of quality and durability.

Why is Mellowood® maximally durable?

As previously mentioned, Mellowood is a combination of TENCEL™ and organic cotton. TENCEL™ is made by the Austrian company LENZING™, a worldwide forerunner in the sustainable production of textiles. TENCEL™ is available in the Modal and Lyocell variants. Undiemeister starts with TENCEL™ Modal, whereby 95% of the resources used to make the fibers are recycled. A giant step in sustainability, especially if you compare it to cotton or bamboo viscose. With Lyocell, the recycling goes all the way to 100%. Production of all TENCEL™ fibers (from cellulose) saves as much water and energy as possible and is CO2 neutral. De the raw materials (beech wood at Modal and eucalyptus wood at Lyocell) come from sustainably managed plantations and forests. The fibres are biodegradable and highly dyeable (low environmental impact). Organic cotton is grown without any agricultural toxins.

Undiemeister - Lenzing - Mellowood

LENZING™ has laboratory tested and certified the unique blend of Mellowood®. Mellowood® is also registered as a trademark. We want to prevent non-sustainably produced substances, or substances of inferior quality, from being presented as the original. We do not want fakes.

Patent / Trademark on the most durable fabric

Mellowood® is so special that it was also investigated whether our blend could be patented. The patent attorneys were unanimously positive about this option. The patent has been filed and we are proud of that, Patent pending!

Unparalleled Premium, Maximum Durability.

The Undiemeister® range

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