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Undiemeister® Green Boxer short Misty Forest

Green boxer short Misty Forest. Mellowood®, the unique combination of natural fibers and organic cotton. Optimal luxury and CO2 neutral, balance is everything. We hope this miracle will remain visible for a long time to come.


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  • Undiemeister-mellowood iced glacier blauw side boxershort
  • Undiemeister-mellowood canyon dust oranje side boxershort
  • Undiemeister-mellowood-sea-breeze side-boxershort
  • Undiemeister mellowood highland moss side boxershort
  • Undiemeister-Mellowood-storm-cloud-blue-side-boxershort
  • Undiemeister-Mellowood-lavarock-gray-side-boxershort
  • Undiemeister-Mellowood-misty-forest-green-side-boxer-short
  • Undiemeister-Mellowood-reefclay-red-boxershort-side-boxershort
  • Undiemeister-Mellowood-vulcano-ash-black-side-boxer-short


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The unique properties of Undiemeister® Green Boxer short.

You wear underwear, like our Undiemeister® Green Boxer short, all day. And directly on your skin as well. The textile therefore determines the quality. That’s the foundation. Boxer shorts made of the revolutionary Mellowood® textiles offer the following unique properties:

  • Silky soft
  • Does not pill
  • Quick absorption and removal of moisture
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Colorfast, even after washing
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Hardly any shrinkage
  • Temperature regulating

The new Mellowood® combines all these unique properties in one fabric. The natural fibers from Beechwood are the result of years of research. Combined with organic cotton a unique fabric is created, perfectly balanced: Mellowood®.

Every effort to reduce CO2 output during production forms an integral part of this balance. That’s the balance you want, because ultimately everyone benefits. Undiemeister® is therefore proud to be the only one to exclusively offer Mellowood® boxer shorts to the Netherlands (If you find a quick comparison between Mellowood® and other textiles useful, please read further on this Mellowood® page).

Premium Mellowood® textile includes a premium finish.

Articles made of Mellowood deserve the best possible finish. Premium belongs to premium. Our boxer shorts are made without unnecessary stitching and seams. The boxer shorts are even completely seamless at the back. So no seam running over the buttocks, which could become annoying if you are seated.

No seams on the sides either. The seam finish around the crotch is a so-called “flatlock stitching on the inside“. Another detail that you don’t see everywhere. This type of stitching does not spoil the exterior while providing maximum comfort. Also the seam finish on the underside of the legs, the so-called “hemming”, is flatlock on the inside.

The fabric around the crotch is double. A so-called “Double Layered Pouch”, so that everything stays where it belongs, if you know what we mean. Under the crotch, on the inner side of the legs, extra reinforcement has been added by adding a “Seperate Crotchpart”. This is where boxer shorts are under the most pressure because of the movement of the legs. That’s why you often quickly see holes forming there, which we prevent as much as possible in this way.

You don’t want to feel the waistband of the boxer shorts. We therefore had the inside “brushed”. This creates a terry-like, super soft fabric.

All boxer shorts have long pant legs.

Undiemeister - Boxer shorts - Benefits

Undiemeister® Green Boxer short: Green from enchanting jungle mist

Misty Forest is a shade of green that can only be seen in rainforests, at a specific time of day.

In the morning, when the tropical sun drops its warm rays on the forest and things start warming up, the vapor appears. An enchanting mist that offers the forest’s innumerable shades of green a special “look”. Of course, there are many shades of green to choose from, so the choice was quite difficult. We hope this miracle will remain visible for a long time to come.

The Mellowood® range of Undiemeister®.

Boxer shorts
In addition to Misty Forest Undiemeister® also offers boxer shorts in the colors Reef Clay (red, in stock soon), Volcano Ash (black), Storm Cloud (blue) and Lava Rock (gray).

Round neck and V-neck T-shirts
The Mellowood® t-shirt range consists of round neck t-shirts and V-neck t-shirts. Both models are available in the colors Chalk White (wit) and Volcano Ash (black).

Als je weet wat goed voor je is, dan kies je Undiemeister®. Als je een betere planeet wilt, dan doe je hetzelfde. 

Wij wensen je heel veel draagplezier.

Additional Information

About Undiemeister

Undiemeister is The Next Step in gentleman’s underwear. Revolutionary, incredibly comfortable and stylish. Made of Mellowood®, incomparable top quality. Colours inspired by nature and the most durable option available. There is no alternative to Undiemeister’s Mellowood®.

Underwear 3.0!
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Ultra soft and comfortable underwear. And responsibly produced too. Awesome!
Undiemeister beats the bamboo
Read More
You almost forget to take them off to wash, they are so comfortable
M van Geet
Happy with Undiemeister!
Read More
Good information. Fast service and accurate delivery. The underwear fits and feels perfect. I'm happy with it.
Paul van weerdenburg
Expensive but good
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Excellent quality
Pricey but if something goes wrong it is solved nicely
Best shirts
Have tried everything
J.T.J. Bartels
Beautiful boxer shorts
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Beautiful boxer shorts. Good quality. Great fit. Delivery as agreed. Very satisfied.
Paul de Kleijn
I have good experience with undiemeister so far
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I have good experience with undiemeister so far. After I ordered the wrong size, I returned the items and the amount was credited within a week, you will also receive an answer within a day in the communication via email.
Janny Stappers
Beautiful material
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Wonderful material, looks beautiful and comfortable. I don't wear them myself but my husband confirmed the shorts and shirts are lovely to wear.
Good, fast service too!

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Maattabel en wasvoorschriften


Undiemeister -Size chart -Boxershort
Maat Taille (cm) Heup (cm)
XS 78-84 90-94
S 84-90 95-99
M 90-96 100-104
L 96-102 105-109
XL 102-108 110-114
XXL 108-114 115-119
XXXL 114-120 119-123


Maat Borst (cm) Lengte (cm)
S 92-96 70
M 97-101 72
L 102-106 74
XL 107-111 76
XXL 112-117 78


Je kunt de producten van Undiemeister het beste wassen op 30 graden, met niet teveel toeren. Niet laten stomen. Beter niet in de wasdroger en als je wilt strijken: lage temperatuur. 

Size chart and washing instructions

Boxer shorts

Undiemeister -Size chart -Boxershort
Size Waist (cm) Hip (cm)
XS 78-84 90-94
S 84-90 95-99
M 90-96 100-104
L 96-102 105-109
XL 102-108 110-114
XXL 108-114 115-119
XXXL 114-120 119-123


Size Chest (cm) Length (cm)
S 92-96 70
M 97-101 72
L 102-106 74
XL 107-111 76
XXL 112-117 78

Washing instructions

It is best to wash the Undiemeister’s products at 30 degrees, not too many cycles. Do not dry clean. Avoid tumble drying and if you need to iron them: use a low temperature