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Undiemeister patent mellowood

Patent on Mellowood®

Great news for Undiemeister®. The patent office has granted the patent on Mellowood®! Mellowood® is a wonderful fabric with a unique composition that was created after months of hard work and testing. The fact that we have been able to obtain a patent on this fabric is the best appreciation and recognition we could have gotten.

A durable premium fabric

The goal with Mellowood® was to develop a fabric that is both highly durable and unparalleled premium. And that’s tricky, because the sustainability aspect of fabrics in particular is very difficult to achieve. The vast majority of fabrics are highly polluting, so they could not be considered, meaning we had to create a unique combination.

But no stone was left unturned and the search for the best components for a unique fabric eventually spanned the entire world. To finally come back to where the search had started: Europe! It turned out that the most advanced and sustainable production of fibers were close to home, made from sustainably managed raw materials.

Developed in Austria

And in Austria where the company Lenzing™ has been doing everything possible to produce premium and ultra-durable fabrics for decades. Never considered it, and of course, started right away. After having tried to find the most optimal weight ratio and density many times, we finally found… Mellowood®! And now we have the patent, how great is that?

Undiemeister® currently has full exclusivity

The brand Undiemeister® is currently the only brand using our beautiful fabric Mellowood®. Ultimately, our goal is to make the world a more sustainable place, so naturally we are open to discussing the possibilities for collaboration with other brands and companies.

The Undiemeister® range

So far Undiemeister is focusing exclusively on underwear and is busy expanding its product range. We started with only round neck T-shirts and 4 color boxer shorts. Our assortment consists of several colors boxer shorts and T-shirts and we have since added the V-neck and deep V-neck T-shirts to our range of boxer shorts and T-shirts. Curious about what more will be added in the future? Sign up for our newsletter!

Heer Smit
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Heerlijk zittende boxershort en T-shirts, duidelijk nog een stuk beter dan de bamboe kleding
Terug naar de natuur zonder achteruit te gaan
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Met hun eigen Mellowood-stof keert Undiemeister terug naar de natuur zonder in ontwikkeling achteruit te gaan. Sterker nog, dit ondergoed is een welkome sprong voorwaarts.
Dhr. Moerman, Kim
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Prima levering en prima producten!
Een fijne ontdekking.
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De administratie en logistiek zijn bij Undiemeister in goede handen. Maar wat belangrijker is, is de pasvorm en het materiaal van het ondergoed. Ik was verwend met bamboe ondergoed (Bamigo en Bamboo Basic) maar de stof die Undimeister gebruikt draagt nog veel fijner en ziet er dan ook nog erg goed uit. Ik ben er blij mee.
Uylenbroek, W.J.
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Zacht, goed passend, stijlvol, mooie kleuren. Kwaliteit voor betaalbare prijs. Mooie kennismakingsaanbieding.
Frank Helderman
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De mix van katoen en Tencel is perfect. Het is veel zachter dan alleen katoen en toch sterk. Ook is het beter voor het milieu dan puur katoen.
Peter Wieringa
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Geweldig ondergoed. Satijnzacht, blijft goed in model en mooie kleuren. Een goed vervolg op het Bamigo ondergoed.

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