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Quality finish Undiemeister®

Undiemeister - waistband - stapel

What are the characteristics of premium underwear? Two important elements stand out: the fabric and the quality of the finish.

Undiemeister® uses Mellowood® for its fabric, which is distinguished by ultimate softness, virtually no shrinkage, color fastness, ventilation and freshness, antibacterial properties, anti-perspiration, rapid moisture absorption, temperature regulation and a fabric that hardly pills. And also produced in a sustainable manner.

The unique Mellowood® fabric naturally deserves the very best finish. We would like to show how Undiemeister® has tackled this in a few areas. When you take a look at our boxer shorts for example, you see little stitching. This makes the boxer shorts firmer and also guarantees a perfect fit. At the back the boxer shorts are even completely seamless. The remaining seams are all double stitched, for extra strength. But we didn’t stop there! We made the inside of the waistband extra soft, with a terry-like “soft brushed” fabric. Under the crotch, between the legs, we used an extra part for extra space, the so called “separate crotch part”, which absorbs the most tension during wearing. And the fabric at the crotch area of the boxer shorts has double layered fabric for more comfort, the “Double Layered Pouch”.

Obviously we also finished the T-shirts in a premium way. For example, all stitching is double for extra strength. The shoulder seam is placed 1 centimeter forward, for extra comfort. In the neck you will not find a scratchy label, but a comfortable print. The stitching on the bottom (the “Hemming”) is placed higher for a more luxurious look. The Undiemeister® logo is also applied at the bottom, in a beautiful soft woven fabric. The T-shirts have a perfect stretch and fit like a second skin.

So when we wish you a lot of pleasure wearing your underwear, you now know why!