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Undiemeister® T-shirts deep V-neck

Deep V-neck T-shirts

It is not that there is much discussion about the neck of a T-shirt. Let’s face it, there are more important matters to talk about in our world. We know all about that. Our planet is probably the most important subject we should be concerned about. The type of collar or neck of a T-shirt doesn’t exactly belong in the same category, or at least we don’t think so.

The neck of your T-shirt?

The neck of a T-shirt, whether it should be round or a V-neck, is not a conversation piece for a drink. Let alone the question whether, if the preference is for a V-neck, whether that V-neck T-shirt should have a deep V-neck or a standard V-neck. These seem to be choices every man makes for himself, in silence, alone. Undiemeister® thinks that you shouldn’t keep walking around with these kinds of difficult subjects. We would like to help you with that and therefore we would like to discuss the subject “which neck should I choose for my T-shirt”.

Yes, a bit of silliness, but the choice for the neck of a T-shirt is not completely unimportant. There are men who swear by a T-shirt with a deep V-neck. Those guys only wear deep V-necks and nothing else. And this while the men who prefer to wear a different neck will not easily choose a deep V-neck. So what are the reasons to go for a T-shirt with a deep V-neck?

Benefits of the deep V-neck T-shirts

The primary reason for a deep V-neck is the ability to open almost as many buttons on your shirt as you like. Not that the men with the deep V-necks walk around all day with their shirts open to around their belly button, but you could if you wanted to! And the desire to have the option to do so at any point throughout the day appears to be run deep within people. That’s why Undiemeister® also opted for T-shirts with deep V-necks, although we didn’t have them in our range at the start. Honesty is the best policy.

Invisible under your shirt

The deep V-necks are not easily seen under a shirt or dress shirt, this might be the most important reason to choose a deep V-neck. And because this invisibility is such an important reason, Undiemeister® has chosen deep V-neck T-shirts in Khaki, a color closest to skin color (at least, not the skin color of every man, we understand) next to deep V-neck T-shirts in white. All made from the beautiful Mellowood®.

Our color Khaki, like all the colors Undiemeister® has chosen, is based on nature. In this case the desert. The name is derived from that: Desert Sand. Read more about the color and origin of the Deep V-neck T-shirt Desert Sand on the site.

Yes, we have also thought of you. So have fun with your deep V-neck T-shirt!

Would you prefer a slightly less deep V? Choose our ‘regular’ V-neck T-shirt.