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Undiemeister® socks for maximum comfort

When the T shirts and boxer shorts from Undiemeister® started conquering the world, the question soon arose: where are the socks made of Mellowood®? And that’s quite Logical of course, because who wouldn’t want to wear socks with unique properties such as perfect ventilation, anti-perspiration and being hypoallergenic, to name but a few?

The Undiemeister® range

Socks are a logical addition to T-shirts and  boxer shorts. Together it makes up underwear, with the difference being that socks often CAN be seen. That’s why it was very convenient that our T-shirts and boxer shorts have such beautiful colors. Just leave as is! Both Storm Cloud (blue), Volcano Ash (black) and Lava Rock (gray) are beautiful colors to make the socks a nice extension from the pants to the shoes.

Durable socks from Undiemeister®

Socks are something totally different than T-shirts or boxer shorts. You wear them differently and you walk on them all day (often in a closed shoe). In any event, even the production process of socks is different, starting with the knitting process.

And just as Undiemeister® redesigned its underwear completely “from scratch”, it did the same thing with the socks. A slightly different composition of the fabric, to ensure the right elasticity for the socks, to ensure the right thickness and the right firmness. And specifically for socks, finding the balance between strength and softness is always important. Very strong socks may last a very long time, but they often aren’t that comfortable to wear. And if that’s the case, you might not end up wearing them at all, so yeah – bad choice. Even more durable. But whether that is the definition of durability, we don’t think so. And if they are too soft, the socks break down too quickly.

The ultimate wearing comfort

Of course, the choice of socks very much depends on the goal. What is important with socks, at least our socks, is that they are comfortable to wear during daily use. Whether you put them on under jeans or under a suit, they have to be socks that you want to put on every day. And if you put several pairs of socks on top of each other, for example in very cold weather, you would want to start with the Mellowood® socks of Undiemeister® first.

Undiemeister® Mellowood® socks are soft and therefore reinforced at the heel and toe. Those are the places where socks have to endure the most. We also placed our logo on the outside, underneath the collar. Left sock outside left, right sock outside right. That way you’ll be able to match socks quickly after doing laundry. So that every foot is pampered with Mellowood®.

All our socks have the following properties:

Our socks are ultra soft socks and therefore extremely comfortable socks
The socks have maximum durability, better than bamboo socks.
Could they be the best socks for you?

We hope you love wearing them, or better yet, buying them!