Second Black Friday promotion 2021 a great success

Second Black Friday promotion 2021 a great success

Undiemeisters®' way to celebrate Black Friday

We have already written an extensive blog about Black Friday. Where the phenomenon comes from and that there is actually no reason at all to celebrate a special sale day in the Netherlands. Black Friday is an American and Canadian event, with a link to Thanksgiving. If you want to know more about its origin, you can read more about it in one of our other blogs.

Not against discounts in principle

Undiemeister® could have joined the spectacle. Give discounts to generate as much revenue as possible. Not that we are against giving discounts in principle - look at our Meister Volume Discount™, for instance. You can save up to 40% on your purchases, if you order more items. And for good reason. Because we save costs on larger orders, but more importantly, when it comes to larger orders, considerable CO2 savings are achieved. Fewer transport movements, less packing material, etc. But we don't see those reasons in the Black Friday sale, quite the opposite.

Black Friday, but in reverse

So we thought there had to be a different way, and one which our customers would enjoy being a part of. As it turned out, this was indeed the case. Because instead of giving discounts, we gave 3 pairs of socks to the Salvation Army homeless shelter with every order on behalf of our customers. Just like last year, when Undiemeister® donated boxer shorts to the homeless shelter with every order. Even then, “Black Friday Reversed” was a resounding success and left us wanting more.

Boxes of Undiemeister® socks to those who need them most

Of course socks are important for everyone, especially in cold weather. But if you don't have a roof over your head for much of the time, nor a washing machine, then socks are very welcome. That is why in 2022, after the November 2021 Black Friday promotion (which was extended due to success), thousands of socks will be donated to the Salvation Army again. Hopefully it helps.