Ordering more means paying less per item: Meister Discount!

What is Meister Discount?

You've probably already seen it, our Meister Discount. If you haven't, go to the product page of your favourite item and you will see the scale on the right. Our Meister Discount is unique to Undiemeister and has been developed by us. The Meister Discount applies a simple calculation of how much you save on each order. Our Meister Discount is calculated on a graduated scale: so you determine your price per item!

The more you order from Undiemeister, the greater your savings. You can even save up to 40%. On all items in your shopping cart, whatever you buy. So whether you buy all the same items, different sizes, different colours, a combination of boxer shorts or T-shirts, etc. Whatever you want.

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Save with our Meister Discount

The savings apply to all products in our range. So you can add up the number of all products in your order to see which scale applies. The scales we use are as follows:

Number of products savings
1-3 0% (boxershort 24,99 and T-shirt 29,99)
4-6 10% (boxershort 22,49 and T-shirt 26,99)
7-9 20% (boxershort 19,99 and T-shirt 23,99)
10-12 30% (boxershort 17,49 and T-shirt 20,99)
13+ 40% (boxershort 14,99 and T-shirt 17,99)

All your advantages of the Meister Discount: three birds with one stone!

Bird number one

Undiemeister wants to do things smarter and smarter means thinking out of the box. We thought it was strange not to be able to save on items that you know you need more than one of. As if you want to walk around in the same pair of boxer shorts every day, we don't think so! And that goes for your T-shirts too. The only offers are "packs" of 3, 6 or 9 of black boxer shorts and the same for T-shirts: packs of 3, 6 or 9 in white. Or black. Or so-called multi-packs in colour combinations that you just don't want. Some offer. But that obviously doesn't work for Meisters, because a Meister might want 4 pairs of boxer shorts and 2 T-shirts in different colours. Because Meisters make their own decisions about what they want to buy. And how many. And in which colours. So, that's the first bird.

Bird number two.

And that flexibility is not your only benefit. Because as you know, Undiemeister is of unprecedented premium quality. We use the most beautiful fabric (Mellowood®), which has been developed in-house. The finish is very luxurious and the colours, what can we say, you just won't find any that are more beautiful. So our items do cost a little more. But you get top quality in return, of course. Still, we wanted to make the price a little more attractive. More accessible to everyone. And that is possible when you order more than one item, because that reduces our costs too. Like shipping costs for example. It's that simple, we don't like to overcomplicate things.

And (we don't stop at two) bird number three

And finally perhaps the most important reason of all: the environment, which is very close to our hearts as you know. And yours too probably. If you order more items at once, the delivery driver won't have to visit you as often. Maybe you think that's a shame because you're particularly fond of your delivery driver, but all joking aside, all those trips increase CO2 levels. And that is precisely the biggest environmental challenge we all face: reducing CO2. And for that reason you can also save money with us. Isn't it great?

How does it work?

You can immediately see how much you are saving with our Meister Discount, because of the moving bar of the Meister Discount. Give it a try. With every item you add to your shopping basket, the bar moves to the right. Don't have any savings on your order yet? Add another item, any item you want. And boom! There's your first saving. Each time, the small shopping basket at the top right appears on your screen and immediately calculates your total price. It's that simple, instant result!

So: determine your own favourite combination and determine the price you pay yourself, with our Meister Discount. Only for Meisters, of course.

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