Ordering more means paying less per item: Meistertier!

Why do we have the Meistertier™ and how does it work?

Undiemeister® has introduced the Meistertier™ in the Netherlands, so that more items per order generate increasing volume discounts for our customers. We would like to explain the reasons for the Meistertier™ and exactly how it works.

The more you order from Undiemeister, the greater your savings. You can even save up to 30%. On all items in your shopping cart, excluding discounted items. So whether you buy all the same items, different sizes, different colours, a combination of boxer shorts or T-shirts, etc. Whatever you want.

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Save with our Meistertier

The savings apply to all products in our range. So you can add up the number of all products in your order to see which scale applies. The scales we use are as follows:

Number of products Savings
1-4 0%
5-8 10%
9-12 20%
13+ 30%

The product prices will be as follows:


Product 0% 10% 20% 30%
Socks (Socks, Sneaker socks & Footies) $ 35,00 $ 31,50 $ 28,00 $ 24,50
Underwear (Boxer Shorts, trunks en briefs) $ 30,00 $ 27,00 $ 24,00 $ 21,00
Underwear (Loose Fit Boxer Shorts) $ 35,00 $ 31,50 $ 28,00 $ 24,50
Undershirts & Tank tops $ 35,00 $ 31,50 $ 28,00 $ 24,50
Long Sleeves $ 50,00 $ 45,00 $ 40,00 $ 35,00
Casual T-shirts $ 65,00 $ 58,50 $ 52,00 $ 45,50
Polos $ 100,00 $ 90,00 $ 80,00 $ 70,00
Swimtrunks $ 100,00 $ 90,00 $ 80,00 $ 70,00

Sustainability is a top priority.

As you know, sustainability is a top priority for Undiemeister®. This is reflected in our items, such as the fabric and the way in which our items are produced. But the pursuit of maximum sustainability does not stop there. Transport, shipment to our customers and matters such as logistics processing and packaging also have a major impact on sustainability.

Less transport for large orders.

Fewer transport movements means less pollution. That is also the reason for our collection points, which we have introduced at the request of our customers. The Meistertier also plays an important role in reducing shipments. Because by motivating our customers to add several items per order, by offering a graded Volume Discount, transport is reduced significantly. Just think of the difference between one trip with three pairs of boxer shorts or three trips with one pair of boxer shorts each.

Where do the high volume discounts of the Meistertier™ come from?

Because the volume discounts we give for several items per order can go up to 30% and are therefore quite substantial, we are often asked how we manage it. It works like this : three separate orders must be shipped separately per order. That is three times shipping costs, at 20 per order. With 10 pairs of boxer shorts, which are shipped separately, the shipping costs alone add up to almost 200 Dollars. Our customers pay shipping costs for orders up to 90 Dollars, but nothing on orders exceeding this amount.

There are different types of costs per order.

And shipping costs are just one type of cost. It also includes processing costs per item, such as the logistics process. After all, every item has to be packed. And that costs money. And how about the costs of shipping boxes, which we have custom made per order to transport as little air as possible. Those are not cheap. All those costs are many times less for larger orders and often only needed once.

Your volume discount saves on all costs.

You can see that all those extra costs per order can add up. We can pass on these savings to our customers with several items per order. Of course we don't have to, but we want to do this to help the environment. Every little helps and this way it is our customers, in other words you, who make their own items cheaper and directly contribute to a better environment, literally without a detour. Truly a knife that cuts both ways.

The volume discounts that you receive through the Meistertier™ with several items per order are not just plucked out of thin air. This is the direct result of lower costs per order. Everyone happy, right?

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