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Possibly the funniest name for socks is footies. Because aren't all socks on your feet? Why the name footies and why would you need footies anyway? What we wrote earlier about sneaker socks also applies to footies, but they go one step further.

Invisible socks

It has everything to do with its appearance because, in fact, you can wear any sock in almost any shoe. But surely you want it to look good too. And then there's the fashion trends. We wrote about sneaker socks being worn under shorts or Bermudas, because dressy and long socks really don't look good. The same applies to footies. However, footies are worn by men who don't want you to see them wearing socks, yet who also don't like going barefoot in shoes.

And short sneaker socks are too high and still visible. Designers went back to the drawing board and the footie was born: the invisible sock. And suddenly it makes sense why they're called footies. This sock just sits around your foot, under your ankle. No part of the sock is visible when you wear low loafers or sneakers. It's like walking barefoot in your shoes, yet you're wearing socks. The best of both worlds.

Fashion trends

We briefly discussed fashion trends before, and these entail more than just shorts. There is a trend from Italy to wear long trousers with very narrow and short legs just above the ankles. This involves baring some skin, and visible socks would ruin the look. Footies are ideal, because they are invisible. This way you can be totally hip and happening, without having to go barefoot in your shoes, because that would be uncomfortable at some point.