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Premium underwear, maximum sustainability

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Premium essentials, maximum sustainability

Welcome to Undiemeister®, The Next Step in essentials for men. Revolutionary, unprecedentedly comfortable and stylish. Made of Mellowood®, of incomparable top quality. Colours inspired by nature and the most sustainable option available. There is no alternative to Undiemeister's Mellowood®.

Premium perfection

For a Meister, Premium Perfection means optimal balance between the highest possible fabric quality, a sublime fit, luxurious finish, and maximum sustainable production. You will find that exact balance in Undiemeister. This can only be done without making concessions. Good is never good enough. We only accept the best, and better than best. Everything in balance. That is the mastery of Undiemeister®.


Our Story

We have been striving for absolute top quality and the highest possible sustainability for undergarments since 2011. With the introduction of bamboo underwear in the Netherlands, we made the first big leap forward compared to cotton. Both in sustainability and quality. But we can and we must do better.

That is why we developed the revolutionary Mellowood® fabric. A love marriage between TENCEL and certified organic cotton. Patented and available exclusively from Undiemeister®.


Meister Discount

As a Meister you save up to 30% with our Meister Discount!!

Real Meisters only wear Undiemeister®, every day. We understand that like no one else. Moreover, Meisters do not like waste. Waste of time nor waste of money. Neither do we. That's why we offer our Meister Discount.

With our Meister Discount you choose and combine your boxer shorts & T-shirts yourself. The more you order, the more you save. Up to 30% savings and less CO2 emissions. That's exactly what Meisters do like.

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