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Next step after bamboo

Get to know Undiemeister®

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Undiemeister® Boxershort

Storm Cloud (blue)

Black Boxer short: Mellowood Boxer Elite Volcano Ash - side

Undiemeister® Boxershort

Volcano Ash (black)

Undiemeister - mellowood - t-shirt - volcano ash - black -side

Undiemeister® T-shirt

Round neck Volcano Ash (black)

Undiemeister-mellowood-t-shirt-v-neck-black Volcano-ash-black-front

Undiemeister® T-shirt

V-neck Volcano Ash (black)

Blue Boxer short: Mellowood Boxer Elite Storm Cloud – side

Undiemeister® Boxershort

Storm Cloud (blue)

Gray Boxer short: Mellowood Boxer Elite Lava Rock – side

Undiemeister® Boxershort

Lava Rock (gray)

Green Boxer short: Mellowood Boxer Elite Misty Forest – side

Undiemeister® Boxershort

Misty Forest (green)

Undiemeister - mellowood - t-shirt - chalk white – side

Undiemeister® T-shirt

Round neck Chalk White (white)


Undiemeister® T-shirt

V-neck Chalk White (white)



Premium underwear, maximum durability

Welcome to Undiemeister®, The Next Step in gentlemen’s underwear. Revolutionary, incredibly comfortable and stylish. Made from Mellowood®, incomparable quality. Colors inspired by nature and the most sustainable option available. There is no alternative for Undiemeister’s Mellowood®.

Premium quality

High durability

100% eco-friendly

Co2 neutral

Premium perfection

Premium Perfection for a Meister means an optimal balance between the highest possible fabric quality, a sublime fit, luxurious finish and maximum sustainable production. You can find that harmony at Undiemeister®. This is only possible without making concessions. Good is never good enough. Only the best counts, and even then, we want better. Everything in balance. That’s the mastery of Undiemeister®.

Our story

Underwear made of bamboo was the first step on our journey and a major leap forward from cotton. Both in terms of durability and quality. We’ve convinced consumers to make different choices from a number of different companies. That was a very informative period. But it could be better… and it needs to be better.

Mellowood® was created from the marriage between TENCEL™ and certified organic cotton. Exclusively available at Undiemeister®. Want to learn more about Mellowood®?


As a Meister you will receive the maximum benefit

Real Meisters only wear Undiemeister®, every day. We get that of course. Good is never good enough. Only the best counts and then you want even better. Everything balanced. Top quality and maximum durability. In order to stay in balance, a Meister is optimally organized. Because Meisters don’t like waste. They don’t like to waste time and they don’t like to waste money. Besides, why complicate something when you can make it easy? Exactly, that’s why Meisters are members of the Meisterclub.