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Expansion of our essential range, with pullovers

This is what was lacking, a basic “pullover” of top quality and maximum durability. Another essential item for your wardrobe, in a few basic colours. Because the question “what will I wear today” also comes up when the season gets colder. Autumn, winter and early spring require something warmer.

Always ready to face the day, no stress

Men don't want to spend too long wondering what they're going to wear today. And yet they do want to make sure they look great and above all feel comfortable. In this sense, the late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, is a prime example. His wardrobe only contained one item, the famous black turtleneck. But there were dozens of them. Wherever you saw him, he always wore the same jumper. That jumper itself became part of his “image” and without it you would hardly recognise him. The reason behind this uniform choice was simple, and that was to spend as little time as possible on making a choice to start the day, so that as much energy as possible remains for making important decisions. Once you've made a good choice, it'll always be a good choice. Why change? And Jobs was not alone in this, because Bill Gates, former President Barack Obama and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg also wear exactly the same thing every day. Zuckerberg always wears a hooded cardigan and/or a T-shirt, Gates always wears the same standard tailored suit, with tie

A constant choice, like the pullover, provides safety

Something that looks beautiful and wears comfortably gives a feeling of confidence and clarity. And strength, because you do not start your day with indecisiveness and having to make choices. Because there are so many choices to be made every day, you could do without having to choose your clothing. This leave room to focus on bigger decisions. And in addition to the emotional side, making a choice in advance about what you wear every day also offers concrete advantages: time saving and no stress

Not too warm and not too cold, thanks to exclusive materials

Undiemeister® always goes the extra mile. Good is not good enough. So how can the popular pullover be improved? Naturally, it starts with the fabric. And that almost always makes us look at Tencel™, the silky soft fabric with perfect ventilation and thermoregulating properties. Because that's what you want from a pullover, which you wear both indoors and outdoors. But a pullover is a pullover and is based on wool, unlike T-shirts or polos, for example. We have chosen Merino wool as a basis, which is often used in pullovers. Merino wool is also soft, strong, has good breathability and is thermoregulating. The exceptional advantages of Tencel™ are therefore reinforced by Merino wool, while the fabric also gives the pullover strength. 100% Merino wool is already very beautiful, but in combination with Tencel™ an unbeatable pullover is created.

A pullover of comfortable thickness

In order to always be able to wear a pullover, it must not be too thick or too thin. That is why we have opted for a thin yarn, which is knitted as compactly as possible. This creates a silky soft comfortable pullover, with a little shine from the Tencel™ incorporated. 70% Merino wool, 30% Tencel is the perfect combination, whereby the pullover always retains its beautiful fit due to the elasticity of the two combined materials. Other benefits?

  • Excellent colour retention
  • 100% natural and recyclable materials
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Silky soft on skin
  • Maximum breathability
  • Thermoregulating

Variations within the theme with pullovers in 4 exclusive basic colours

Whether you want to implement it in extreme ways like the gentlemen mentioned above is questionable. Because we can imagine you wouldn't want to feel like in the movie “Groundhog Day”, where every day is exactly the same and starts over and over again. So the best of both worlds is the same garment, which you can alternate in colours that will always look good. One you can wear on any occasion, whether you're off to the office, so under a jacket, or casual smart, or in your leisure time. When you go into town to go shopping or for a bite to eat, go see a friend or are off to the sports grounds. In addition, you can wear what you prefer under the pullover. And the most important question is: collar or no collar. So a shirt or slim-fit T-shirt. Both are suitable to wear with a pullover.

These are the natural basic colours that go with everything

How about Midnight Sky™? A dark blue colour, so dark it looks black. But it's still blue! Or Charcoal Rock™, a beautiful dark grey colour with a marled effect. Frozen Forrest™ is a shade of blue that we have chosen, it's not light and it's not dark. And finally, the beautiful green hue of Pine Woods™. Always a colour to match your trousers and the shirt you put on. Without much stress, but always a beautiful colour to make you feel good. Ready to face the day!

Washing instructions Pullovers

The special Merino-Tencel combination requires a little extra attention so that the pullover retains its beautiful look and special properties. But rest assured, this is very easy. That way, your pullover doesn't always need to be washed. Because if you hang it out overnight, by the open window for example, it already smells nice and fresh again. If you still want to wash it, use the wool programme in your washing machine. Maximum 30 degrees, with the spin cycle no higher than 600 rpm. A (little) wool detergent is fine and always wash wool together with wool. No jeans or other clothes with zips with it. And to avoid wrinkles, flat drying is best.

The Undiemeister® range

Your everyday premium essential slim fit T-shirts

Crew-neck T-shirts and V-neck T-shirts.
The Undiemeister® T-shirt range consists of crew neck and V-neck T-shirts, which are available in Chalk White™ (white), Volcano Ash™ (black) and Storm Cloud™ (dark blue). Slim fit in sizes XS till XXXL. Made from Mellowood®.

Deep V-neck T-shirts
The Undiemeister® T-shirts with a deep V-neck are available in the colours Chalk White™ (white) and Desert Sand™ (khaki). Slim fit in sizes XS till XXXL. Made from Mellowood®.

Singlets / Tank Tops
Sleeveless, sporty and masculine. In the colours Chalk White™ (white) and Volcano Ash™ (black). Slim fit in sizes XS till XXXL. Made from Mellowood®.

Essential premium underwear, don’t leave home without them

Boxer shorts in ten exclusive colours
Undiemeister® boxer shorts are available in Lava Rock™ (grey), Misty Forest™ (green), Volcano Ash™ (black), Storm Cloud™ (dark blue), Reef Clay™ (red), Canyon Dust™ (orange), Sea Breeze™ (turquoise), Iced Glacier™ (ice blue), Highland Moss™ (olive green) and Chalk White™ (white). Sizes: XS till XXXL. Made from Mellowood®.

Men's briefs with Undiemeister®-style waistband
Briefs are also available in Volcano Ash™ (black), Storm Cloud™ (dark blue) and Chalk White™ (white) with the same premium quality as the boxer shorts. Sizes: S till XXXL. Made from Mellowood®.

Trunks, for shorter legs
The trunks are available in Volcano Ash™ (black), Storm Cloud™ (dark blue), Iced Glacier™ (ice blue), Misty Forest™ (green) and Chalk White™ (white). Sizes: XS till XXXL. Made from Mellowood®.

Essentials, when summer is here!

Casual Summer T-shirts
Outerwear, especially for the warmer days. With a regular fit in the colours Volcano Ash™ (black), Storm Cloud™ (dark blue), Chalk White™ (white), Mountain Sky™ (clear blue) and Iceland Moss™ (clear green). Sizes: XS till XXXL. Made from Mellowood®.

Polo shirts
The polo shirt is available in Storm Cloud™ (dark blue), Chalk White™ (white), Charcoal Rock™ (anthracite) and the new colour Iced Water™ (light blue). Sizes: XS till XXXL. Made from Ecocell™ and organic cotton.

Swim essentials
Quick-drying swimming trunks with two side pockets, lockable pocket for valuables, back pocket with subtle logo. Cords for extra security. Available in six distinctive natural colours: Storm Cloud™ (dark blue), Iced Glacier™ (ice blue), Highland Moss™ (olive green), Ocean Clear™ (mint green), Summer Sunset™ (coral red) and Fiery Sunrise™ (warm red). From XS to XXXL. Made from recycled polyester.

Autumn and Winter are coming…

Long-sleeved T-shirts
Perfect for cold days, available in the colours Chalk White™ (white) and Volcano Ash™ (black). Slim fit in sizes XS till XXXL. Made from Mellowood®.

Italian pullovers
The Italian pullovers are available in the colours Midnight Sky™ (dark blue), Pine Woods™ (green), Frozen Forest™ (blue/grey) and Charcoal Rock™ (anthracite), in sizes S up to XXL.

Socks are essential footwear

Dress socks
Must-haves, in 3 stylish colours, perfect for all trousers and suits. Available in 3-packs in the colours Storm Cloud™ (dark blue), Volcano Ash™ (black), Lava Rock™ (grey) and a combination pack of all 3 colours. Available in sizes 35 to 49. Made from Tencel™.

Trainer socks
Sporty, yet smart. Available in 4-packs in the colours Storm Cloud™ (dark blue), Volcano Ash™ and Chalk White™ (white). Available in sizes 35 to 49. Made from Tencel™.

Invisible, like bare feet in your shoes. And yet soft and fresh. Available in 4-packs in the colours Storm Cloud™ (dark blue), Volcano Ash™ and Chalk White™ (white). Available in sizes 35 to 49. Made from Tencel™.

Premium essentials from Undiemeister®. Essential for you, essential for our planet.

Enjoy and feel happy with your contribution!