Ministry of Economic Affairs asks Undiemeister® for the IE Goed Idee campaign.

Ministry of Economic Affairs asks Undiemeister® for the IE Goed Idee campaign.

Intellectual Property (IP) is not on the agenda of many entrepreneurs.

Proper IP protection is crucial for the Dutch economy. Unfortunately, this topic is hardly on the agenda of many entrepreneurs. Understandable, because they are spinning a lot of plates. That is why the government has started the campaign to bring IP to the attention of entrepreneurs and to help them get started with the protection of IP. Because Undiemeister®️ has laid down the (worldwide) registration and protection of its brands and products from the start, the ministry asked Undiemeister®️ to share those experiences. And we gladly did that, during a round table meeting with, among others, State Secretary Mrs Mona Keijzer.


Why is the protection of Intellectual Property so important?

IP (in full: Intellectual Property Law, abbreviated: IP (IE in Dutch)) is the rights you own on something that you or your company have conceived or developed. Or have commissioned it to be conceived or developed. And the development of new brands, products, concepts, designs, etc. often takes a lot of time, money, and energy. And if they are unique, they are yours. So, your property. But that property doesn't help you as much as everyone can do with it what they like. Because why would people still buy your items and not someone else's? Since you were the one who invented the brand and put it on the map, it is important to be able to recoup those investments. That is not going to happen if others run off with your ideas. That is why protection is needed.


Because of the Internet, protecting IP is now more important than ever.

The internet has contributed a lot to the world and to consumers. On the other hand, the entire world has now become your competitor because of the internet. Because everyone can order anything at any time, anywhere in the world. And not only that, the spread of new products, concepts, and ideas is also spreading across the world like wildfire. So the chances of being imitated are now greater than ever. And let's not beat about the bush, for many companies and individuals, copying what others have come up with is just a business model. You can get upset about that, but it is the way it is. That's why it is much better to focus your energies on properly protecting (and guarding) what is yours. And should stay yours.


The Benelux Trademark Office (BOIP) toolkit

On the “IE Goed Idee” website, entrepreneurs can obtain the necessary protection in an easily accessible manner. And in addition, the investments (because you can't reallly call it costs) are clear. Everything can be found in one place as much as possible and inlcudes support. Answers to most questions about IP can be found there, in a clear “step-by-step” method.


Have fun watching the video and hopefully you will learn something!