New in the Undiemeister® range: short sneaker socks

New in the Undiemeister® range: short sneaker socks

No socks in our early range

If you've followed Undiemeister® a bit, you know that we started without socks. Boxer shorts and T-shirts, those were our first items. And only in a few colours and sizes. Because well, we wanted to find out if everyone was as enthusiastic about the quality of the new Mellowood® fabric and the stylish, minimalist design as we were. And that turned out to be the case. We are now a few years on and many customers have completely replaced their underwear with the basics from Undiemeister®. We couldn't wish for a better compliment.

The Undiemeister® collection was continuously expanded

Our first range left us wanting more, so new colours were added incrementally, such as Sea Breeze™, Canyon Dust™, Iced Glacier™ and Highland Moss™. Each colour inspired by nature. Understated and stylish, no fuss. And, of course, more sizes! In addition to S, M, L and XL, XS, XXL and XXXL were now also available. Something for everyone and more and more men could proudly call themselves Meister.

Our customers ask us for socks

We naturally devise many items ourselves, but at a certain point our customers, in their enthusiasm about the range, will tell us what they would also like to see. And that next step was socks. Because if you're crazy about underwear, you want to feel it on your feet too. And naturally, we take notice of that. So the Undiemeister® design department got to work on that and the logical first model was dress socks. As the first category, they fitted well with our premium product range. And the socks were also the first Undiemeister® item visible on the outside! Quite exciting and in the meantime we have already started devising the second generation of socks, even more improved.

Sneaker socks are here to stay

And it was obvious to us, if that's what our customers want, that's what our customers get. And to be honest, we had no idea that short socks, or so-called sneaker socks, were so popular. Even in winter! It seems a lot of men like to wear sneaker socks with casual wear instead of dress socks, which you mainly wear with smarter outfits. With sports shoes, of course. That feels comfortable to many men.

So Undiemeister® socks aren't just for during the week, you can wear them at the weekend, too. Short socks, our new sneaker socks.