Undiemeister® goes to Triodos Bank, and our mission.

Undiemeister® goes to Triodos Bank, and our mission.

Triodos Bank is a financial institution with a mission that goes beyond that of most other banks. Triodos' way of thinking fits in well with Undiemeister®️, because it looks at more than just financial criteria. Of course, these are important, but what you want to do to make the world a little better also determines whether you, as a bank and a customer, are a good match.

Triodos Bank is therefore selective in the acquisition of new customers and wanted to know exactly what Undiemeister®️'s mission is. We are happy to share it with you below.

Undiemeister®️'s mission

Undiemeister®️'s mission is to make the textile industry more sustainable, from within. Undiemeister®️ does this by focusing on minimising CO2 consumption, water consumption, and the use of toxins. Textiles are the second most polluting industry in the world and contribute almost 10% to global CO2 emissions, which amounts to 1.2 billion tons. If 1 ton of textile is produced, this produces a CO2 equivalent of 17 tonnes, while plastic produces 3 tonnes. By 2050, the textile industry would account for 26% of the CO2 maximum of the Paris climate agreement, if nothing changes.

CO2 is not the only problem

Water consumption is another one. Water, clean freshwater, is becoming one of the most scarce resources in the world, while clean water is needed everywhere. The textile industry consumes nearly 100 billion cubic metres of freshwater per year. A cotton T-shirt and jeans require more than 10,000 litres of freshwater to make. In addition, textile production releases many toxic chemicals into the environment. Cotton is the biggest polluter, with nearly 70 rail car loads of poison per year.

Sustainable raw materials

Undiemeister®️ manufactures its products with sustainable raw materials, such as TENCEL™ and organic cotton. At LENZING™, which produces the TENCEL™ fibres (from cellulose), maximum savings are made on water and energy and more than 95% of the resources are used to make the fibres are recycled. The production is CO2 neutral. The raw materials (beech wood and eucalyptus wood) come from sustainably managed nurseries and forests. The fibres are biodegradable and very easy to dye (little environmental impact). Organic cotton is grown without agricultural toxins.

Premium product quality

The fibres and the production of sustainable textiles, such as Undiemeister®️ uses, are more expensive. This means that Undiemeister®️ has opted for premium product quality (our own patented Mellowood®️ fabric, superior finish, and size, authentic natural colours, etc.) with ditto positioning. Only by offering the best in men's underwear, Undiemeister's customers will get value for money. Of course, this will only be successful if the Undiemeister®️ products are sold in large quantities. That is why we opted for a media intensive campaign.


In terms of measurability, Undiemeister®️ has opted for comparison with conventional cotton, because it is the most used worldwide. Undiemeister®️ measures its sustainability contribution by comparing the number of products sold with the positive effect that would have been achieved if those numbers were sold as cotton products. Every Undiemeister®️ item sold is one less cotton item sold.