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Last chance
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Last chance items

Undiemeister® has few last chance items, due to the timeless colours and models we use. These are items for everyday use all year round. But sometimes we offer "specials". These are exceptional products, at the top end of our everyday range.


The aim of the specials is to offer you something special that you can't get anywhere else. Particularly due to the use of unique fabrics of very high quality, combined with the high-quality workmanship and tailoring you have come to expect from Undiemeister®.

One-off and unique

Specials, however, are one-offs and therefore temporary. So after some time, the special range has to make way for our everyday items again. This represents a unique opportunity, because our specials are also timeless. In fact, the special items are wearable all year round and have timeless, exclusive and nature-based colours.

Italian cut

One of our top specials is the pullover, which we have had designed and made by an Italian couturier. The pullover is a unique item, as it combines the renowned merino wool with the silky-soft and maximally ventilating TENCEL™. The pullover is therefore not only silky-soft, but also of maximum breathability, anti-bacterial and temperature-regulating.

High-quality finishing

If you are familiar with Undiemeister® items, you'll know that the workmanship is of a rare high level, where everything has been thought through. This certainly applies to the pullover, which uses high-quality, fine yarn (extra fine knit). With a form-fitting ribneck of 1.5cm and cuffs of exactly 5.5cm. The luxurious look of the Undiemeister® pullover is recognisable to all.

Limited stock

You'll understand that the stock of last chance items is limited, in sizes and colours. This is reflected in the price, so a godsend if the right size is available in your colour. Due to the very low prices of our last chance items, you will be wearing the finest quality of the high quality brand Undiemeister®. Maybe this is your lucky day?.