Fortunately, the Undiemeister® stock challenges have been solved!

Fortunately, the Undiemeister® stock challenges have been solved!

The great success in combination with the disruptive COVID-19 virus creates major stock challenges at Undiemeister®️. Ultimately, these are of course luxury problems, but unfortunately, this is at the expense of our customer experience. We’ll tell you more in this article.


The Netherlands are fed up with the pandemic ...

Everyone has been facing their own challenges while the virus has been spreading throughout the Netherlands. No one can escape the government measures to prevent further spread. In addition, there is so much talk about the virus, among the population and in the media, that most people are sick of it by now.


The Covid measures are different for everyone

All Dutch people are affected by the virus in one way or another. From a business point of view, the measures mean that almost everyone is working from home. For many, this is a challenge, and colleagues in the workplace are sorely missed. For others, there is also the additional task of homeschooling their children while combining it with working online.


Many spend all day on their phones or looking at their screens and are glad to have a break, like going to the supermarket, going for a walk around the block, or stretching their legs. And then there are business owners who have been forced to close their restaurants for months and are struggling to keep their heads above water. For some time now, non-essential shops have been added to that list, as well as businesses such as hairdressers, etc. And then came the curfew.


Online business is booming

As you may know, Undiemeister®️ products are sold exclusively online. This means that we have not been affected by a forced store closure. On the contrary, many people know exactly where to find us nowadays. Naturally, we are thrilled about that, although we do have mixed feelings at times when we read or hear other people's stories. Yet, we have our own struggles, but our challenges lie in completely different areas, such as stock.


Covid measures and Undiemeister®️

Undiemeister®️ faced delays in delivery times and delayed deliveries from suppliers for some time, which fortunately have now been resolved. Our products are so popular that it was quite a challenge to keep up with the demand for Undiemeister®️'s boxer shorts, T-shirts, and socks. This meant that we had to take quick measures to increase production capacity to allow us to replenish our stock on time.


Fortunately, we did this at an early stage, but that did not solve everything. Because when sufficient quantities of our boxer shorts, T-shirts, and socks were finally produced, shipments suddenly got cancelled. Including ours, without prior notice.


Then there were long traffic jams at the borders and at Schiphol Airport.

With long traffic jam queues, carriers had to wait before they could load and unload. This often took so long that many returned home without our supplies, only to try again the next day. And for some, this went on for days on end. All because the carriers scaled down their personnel on the one hand, and on the other because the demand for transport of products increased significantly. And of course, perishable goods and medicines are given priority. We fully understood that, but it didn't lessen our frustration.


Our customers' patience ...

... was tested. Just think, you have paid for your order and yet you haven't received anything. And to think that Undiemeister®️ is known for always delivering the next day, without exception! What was going on? And besides, everyone wants to know what's so special about our men's underwear anyway. We totally understand that. Fortunately, most of our customers also understand that, as a company, you sometimes have to deal with situations that you don't have much control over, and they trust that we will do everything we can. And we do.


Stock challenges resolved

You learn as you go, and that attitude is certainly required at a time when no one knows what the future holds (if that was ever possible). That is why, with the help of our partners, we have created extra buffers in our stock. That way we can continue to deliver, no matter what. Shipments to our customers are now as before: ordered today means prepared for shipment today and on its way to you the next day.


Thank you for your patience, and we promise that we will always do everything we can to get your package delivered to your home as soon as possible!