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Boxer shorts for gentlemen: the most important garment

It may sound crazy, but there is no more important garment for gentlemen than the boxer short. But why is that? How is it possible that men are so incredibly picky when it comes to that? The reason is simpler than you’d think: it’s because boxer shorts are worn directly on the skin all day, this makes it imperative that they offer sufficient comfort.

Mellowood®: the fabric for gentlemen boxer shorts

At this moment the most beautiful fabric for men’s boxer shorts is called: Mellowood®. Unparalleled premium and maximum durability. Mellowood® is the only fabric that combines all the properties you want to see combined in boxer shorts:

silky soft
maximum ventilation
hypoallergenic (anti-allergic)
perfect moisture absorption
hardly any shrinkage
doesn’t pill
maximum colour fastness
temperature regulating
Produced CO2 neutrally, with maximum recycling
natural colours

Gentlemen Undiemeister® boxer shorts with the best level of comfort

The Mellowood® fabric isn’t the only thing that makes Undiemeister boxer shorts so special. The fit is incomparably luxurious and comfortable. Because if boxer shorts don’t fit well, they don’t tend to last long. That’s why Undiemeister has redesigned this incredibly important underwear from the ground up. Where we could improve, we did. Where the boxer shorts were perfect already, we left them that way. The result: truly durable underwear.

That’s why our boxer short has long legs and few seams. The result is the very best boxer you can think of. The most beautiful fabric, the best fit and a great luxury finish. Boxers for gentlemen the way you want them.

And even more, boxer shorts that have been produced as sustainably as possible, made from the most sustainable raw materials. Because gentlemen-boxers may be incredibly important, but we’d prefer to have them on a livable planet thank you very much. Did you know that our boxer shorts beat bamboo boxer shorts with ease, in every aspect?

Check out our colors based on nature:

Blue boxershort (Storm Cloud)
Green boxershort (Misty Forest)
Gray boxershort (Lava Rock)
Black boxershort (Volcano Ash)
Red boxershorts (Reef clay)

The Undiemeister range

All our men’s boxer shorts at a glance:

Durable underwear for men
long boxer shorts
Seamless boxer short
Seamless underwear for men
The men’s underpants
Underwear for men
Best underwear for men

The Mellowood® fabric is not only perfect for underwear, but also for T-shirts. Undiemeister has developed undershirts from Mellowood® so that you can experience the ultimate wearing comfort of this fabric. Curious about our Undiemeister® T-shirts?