Discounts at Undiemeister®

As a rule, Undiemeister does not offer discounts. We don't have to, because our Mellowood® T-shirts and boxer shorts have become extremely popular in a short time. But we still like to reward our customers. We do this through our Meister Discount.

How does our Meister Discount work?

Real Meisters only wear Undiemeister®, every day. We understand this like no other. Moreover, Meisters do not like waste. Wasting time nor wasting money. Neither do we. That's why we offer our Meister Discount.

With our Meister Discount, you choose and combine your boxer shorts & T-shirts yourself. The more you order, the more you save. Up to 40% savings and fewer CO2 emissions. Now that's what Meisters do like.

No discounts at Undiemeister but save with the Meister Discount

Number of products Besparing
1-3 0% (boxershort 24,99 and T-shirt 29,99)
4-6 10% (boxershort 22,49 and T-shirt 26,99)
7-9 20% (boxershort 19,99 and T-shirt 23,99)
10-12 30% (boxershort 17,49 and T-shirt 20,99)
13+ 40% (boxershort 14,99 and T-shirt 17,99)

The extraordinary benefits of Mellowood® at a glance:

  • Silky soft
  • Pill-free
  • Sweatproof
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Colourfast, even after washing
  • Hypo-allergenic and antibacterial
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Temperature regulating
  • Maximum water saving and recycling
  • Minimal CO2 emissions

Enjoy your Undiemeister garments!

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