Points of sale®

Undiemeister® is often asked where we sell our boxer shorts, T-shirts and socks. In other words, which retail outlets do we have and how many? Our answer is simple and maybe a little silly: you can buy Undiemeister® anywhere, as long as you have a computer or mobile phone. After all, we send the items directly to you, you will usually have them the next day.

You can order Undiemeister® 24/7

So in fact, Undiemeister® has as many points of sale as there are computers or mobile phones, so we really have millions of points of sale. Of course we do understand that the question about outlets means whether Undiemeister® is also available in physical stores.

No physical stores

In order to have physical stores as points of sale, the range must lend itself to this. And by that we mean that the range must be sufficiently extensive. There are physical stores that only sell items of one brand, of course. It is entirely possible and perhaps a much better idea to join an existing retail chain. If you are included in the range of an existing store, you have in fact achieved the same thing and you have a physical point of sale.

The question that arises is whether it makes enough sense to have physical sales outlets. Because what is the added value of a physical store, compared to buying from our online shop? But we understand that people may want to see the (beautiful) colours of our items in real life. Because the colours as they are in real life, may differ from what you see on your screen. After all, no screen is the same, so there may be a slight deviation in how the colour comes across.

Only available online at Undiemeister.com

People also want to feel our Mellowood® fabric, before they buy it. Is the fabric really that soft, and is the finish really that beautiful? Currently, it is not yet possible to see and feel the items in the flesh before you buy them. But don't worry, if you don't like the items for any reason, you can always return them and we will refund you your money. We never make a fuss about it. So instead of having to go into town, simply try out the items at home. Easy peasy!