Undiemeister® Black Long sleeve t-shirt Round Neck Volcano Ash

Black Long Sleeve T-shirt Volcano Ash, with the unique Undiemeister® properties.

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Color Volcano Ash (black)
Material Mellowood® (68% TENCEL™ Lyocell, 28% Organic cotton, 4% Elastane)
Size chart and Washing Information
1-3 items = 24,99
4-6 items = 22,49 (Save 10%)
7-9 items = 19,99 (Save 20%)
10-12 items = 17,49 (Save 30%)
13+ items = 14,99 (Save 40%)

*also applies to combinations of boxer shorts, T-shirts and socks

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  • Handmade
  • 100% Eco-friendly
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Black Long Sleeve T-shirt Volcano Ash, with the unique Undiemeister® properties.

Cold weather calls for long sleeves. Long sleeves will make your entire body feel a good bit warmer, and temperature-regulating Mellowood® fabric is ideal for extra warmth. A long-sleeved T-shirt is also excellent for wearing as an undershirt, directly onto your skin. Just like the short-sleeved T-shirts and the boxer shorts, the fabric is the determining factor and the basis for the quality. Long sleeve T-shirts from Undiemeister®, of course made from revolutionary Mellowood® fabric, offer the following unique properties:

  • Silky soft
  • Pill-free
  • Antiperspirant
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Colourfast, even after washing
  • Hypo-allergenic and antibacterial
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Thermoregulating

What exactly is Mellowood®?

Mellowood® offers an unparalleled combination of properties and is a new type of fabric developed by Undiemeister®. After years of research into natural fibres from beech wood, a special fabric has been created in combination with organic cotton that offers a perfect balance on all fronts: Mellowood®.

The balance in textile properties is completed by the maximum CO2 low production. A balance between premium quality and durability that benefits everyone. The Undiemeister® long sleeve T-shirts are the only ones to offer the unique and complete features of Mellowood®.

Black long sleeve T-shirts with premium finish. The most beautiful Long Sleeves.

The white long-sleeved T-shirts also have the well-known high-quality Undiemeister® finish. The separately applied narrow collar (1 cm) has double stitching for extra strength. And no itchy label here either, because all information about the top is printed.

With the long-sleeved T-shirts, the shoulder seam does not run flat over the shoulder, but is placed 1 cm forward. This makes for a better fit and maximum comfort. It emphasises the shoulders. The ends of the sleeves are made with double stitching, whereby the "flatlock" is invisible and on the inside.

The hemming at the bottom of the top, also finished with double stitching and the flatlock on the inside, provides extra durability. A higher hemming creates a more luxurious look, something that looks fantastic on the long-sleeved T-shirts. The recognisable Undiemeister® logo against the orange background is subtly visible at the bottom left of the shirt, in a soft woven version.

Slim Fit is also what we have used for the long sleeve T-shirts. The perfect stretch of the soft Mellowood® offers a comfortable feeling under your shirt, jumper or pullover. Because Mellowood® follows the contours of the body exactly, and therefore fits like a second skin. Without a pinching feeling, without feeling that you are wearing the shirt. That depends on the sophisticated fabric thickness.

Like all T-shirts from Undiemeister®, the long-sleeved T-shirt also has extra length. This ensures that your shirt stays in your pants and that is so nice when it gets colder outside.

The Long Sleeves are finished with a round neck.

Undiemeister® black long sleeve T-shirt, black as ash from the volcano.

With nature as the source of inspiration for our colours, we had the choice of countless black tones. Volcano Ash is chosen from the ash spewed by volcanoes during an eruption. Because volcanoes and eruptions differ, not every Volcano Ash colour is the same. We found beautiful black tones at the foot of a volcano in Iceland, and we immediately captured the colour.

The Undiemeister® range made from Mellowood®.


Round-neck T-shirts and V-neck T-shirts.

The Undiemeister® T-shirt range consists of Round-neck and V-neck T-shirts, which are available in Chalk White (white), Volcano Ash (black) and Storm Cloud (blue).

Deep V-neck T-shirts.

The Undiemeister® T-shirts with a deep V-neck are also available in the colours Chalk White (white) and Desert Sand (khaki).

Boxer shorts in nine exclusive colours.

The Undiemeister® collection of boxer shorts is available in the colours Lava Rock (grey), Misty Forest (green), Volcano Ash (black), Storm Cloud (blue), Reef Clay (red), Canyon Dust (orange), Sea Breeze (turquoise), Iced Glacier (bright blue), and Highland Moss (olive green).

If you know what's good for you, choose Undiemeister®. If you want a better planet, you will do the same.

Enjoy our Mellowood products.

Brand :Undiemeister®
Product :Longsleeves
Product Range :Longsleeve Round neck
Color:Volcano Ash (black)
Size :
Material :Mellowood® (68% TENCEL™ Lyocell, 28% Organic cotton, 4% Elastane)

Size Chart and Washing Info

Our Mellowood® underwear from Undiemeister has the same dimensions as most other European brands. This means that you can order the same size you usually have. To be sure that you are getting the right size you can take a look at the size chart below.

Size chart Boxer shorts

Size Waist (cm) hip (cm)
XS 78-84 90-94
S 84-90 95-99
M 90-96 100-104
L 96-102 105-109
Xl 102-108 110-114
XXL 108-114 115-119
XXXL 114-120 119-123

Size chart T-shirts

Size Chest (cm) Length (cm)
XS 87-91 73-77
S 92-96 78-82
M 97-101 83-87
L 102-106 88-93
Xl 107-111 94-99
XXL 112-117 100-105
XXXL 118-123 106-111

Unprecedented premium, maximum durability.

Washing at 30 degrees is more than sufficient for the Mellowood® fabric. People often incorrectly assume that washing at high temperatures is better for the end result. This is not the case because washing at higher temperatures can damage the product or damage the fiber. We have had our products tested using various washing methods and describe the best washing instructions below. By nature Mellowood® is a silky soft material, therefore the use of a fabric softener is not necessary with our products. Please read the washing instructions for our products below.

Washing instructions

Bleaching agents

Never use chlorine or bleach when washing our products. Chlorine and/or bleaching agents are very bad for the textile fibers and can strongly influence the durability of the products. Moreover, they are very bad for the environment.


The Mellowood® fabric is no-iron, so ironing is a thing of the past.


We advise you never put Undiemeister’s underwear in the dryer. The dryer can damage the product and shorten its life span. Drying on the clothesline is sufficient and saves energy. Still need or want to put it in the dryer? Use a low temperature.


The shrinkage of Undiemeister is equal to that of cotton underwear. With the right washing instructions (30 degrees) it hardly shrinks at all. When in doubt, maintain a centrifugal setting of up to 600 rpm.

We are sure that when washing instructions are followed, our products will maintain their quality and comfort. If a product does not meet the requirements and wishes after washing, we would like to hear from you. We will then investigate this in order to make possible improvements. So if this happens to you, please contact our customer service, we will find a suitable solution.

Would you like to know more about our Mellowood® fabric and its unique properties?

Unprecedented premium, maximum durability.

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  • Mellowood® (from TENCEL™ and organic cotton)
  • 100% Eco-friendly
  • Maximum Co2 neutral
  • Luxury finish
  • Perfect fit
  • Next step after bamboo