Patent on Mellowood®

Patent on Mellowood®

Wonderful news for Undiemeister®️. The patent office (Netherlands Patent Office) has received our international patent application for Mellowood®️, Patent Pending! Mellowood®️ is a beautiful fabric with a unique composition that was created after months of hard work and testing. According to the Patent Attorney, we can expect to receive the patent on Mellowood®️ in April 2021! That is the kind of appreciation we are looking for.


A sustainable premium fabric

The goal with Mellowood®️ was to develop a fabric that is both very sustainable and of unprecedented premium quality. And that is difficult because the sustainable side of fabrics in particular is very difficult to achieve. The vast majority of fabrics are very polluting, so they were all scrapped to arrive at a unique combination. But no stone was left unturned, and the search for the best components for a unique fabric eventually extended to the entire world. To return to where we started in the end: Europe! It turned out that the most advanced and sustainable production of fibres, from sustainably managed raw materials, was close to home.


Developed in Austria

And in Austria, where Lenzing™ has been doing everything in its power for decades to produce premium and optimally sustainable fabrics. We never thought of it, but got to work immediately of course. After trying many times to find the most optimal weight ratio and density, finally, there it was ... Mellowood®️! And now the patent, isn't it wonderful?


Undiemeister®️ currently has full exclusivity

The Undiemeister®️ brand is currently the only brand that uses our beautiful Mellowood®️ fabric. Ultimately, of course, our goal is to make the world more sustainable and we are open to meeting with other brands/companies to discuss the possibilities for collaboration.


The Undiemeister®️ range

Until now Undiemeister focuses exclusively on underwear and is working on expanding the range. We started with just round neck T-shirts and boxer shorts in 4 colours. Our range now consists of boxer shorts in several colours and T-shirts and we have added the V-neck and deep V-neck T-shirts. Are you curious about what else is to come? Subscribe to our newsletter!