The first media campaigns have started

The first media campaigns have started

In its short existence, Undiemeister®️ has reached a new milestone. After our launch on the radio a few weeks ago, we have now also started our first media campaigns. We started placing our first ads in a number of Dutch newspapers. What do you think of our first publication of Undiemeister®️ in, for example, de Volkskrant?


Undiemeister®️ in the media

Undiemeister®️ has already appeared in various media, in various newspapers as well as in a radio interview and in podcasts. To date, we have received very positive and enthusiastic responses to our first ads. We have already welcomed more than 500 new customers and can therefore say that the launch to date has been very successful.


The main reason for our advertisements is to boost brand awareness of both Undiemeister®️ and our unique fabric Mellowood®️. With Undiemeister®️, we ensure a better world by using Mellowood®️ fabric and at the same time, we provide a premium quality product with a luxurious appearance.


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Newspaper Ads

Undiemeister®️ started its first media campaigns by advertising with the help of Google Ads and in newspapers. The first advertisement (as seen above) can be found in de Volkskrant, Het Parool, and Trouw. We are currently working hard on the next steps to further put Undiemeister®️ on the map.


What makes Undiemeister®️ so unique?

Undiemeister®️ is a premium brand in men's underwear. By using the highest quality textiles in combination with the highest quality finish, we have been able to develop a unique product. Our fabric Mellowood®️ is a revolutionary fabric with many possibilities. It has all the unique properties of bamboo, it does not pill, it has better durability, and is also 100% environmentally friendly. Do you want to contribute to a better world? Switch to our unique Undiemeister®️ underwear now!