Undiemeister® expands its range: deep V-neck T-shirts and new colours

Undiemeister® expands its range: deep V-neck T-shirts and new colours

Undiemeister®️ is expanding the range at the request of our Meisters. We would, of course, like to accommodate our Meisters and have therefore started working on new colours and new products.


New colours in our range

The colours “Desert Sand” (khaki) and “Storm Cloud” (blue) have been added to the Undiemeister®️ T-shirt range. Storm Cloud was already known from our boxer shorts range and we received a lot of requests for T-shirts in the same colour. And you know, if our Meisters ask for something, we get to work. Storm Cloud is already a very nice colour for the boxer shorts, but Storm Cloud T-shirts are downright chic. It's a shame to wear that colour underneath your shirt (and we know that many Meisters will simply wear these T-shirts in the sun!). We have designed the Storm Cloud T-shirts in both round and V-neck T-shirts, so there's always a collar fit for any Meister.


New: T-shirts with deep V-neck

T-shirts with a deep V-neck were also in high demand. So you guessed it, we also started working immediately on deep V-neck shirts. We have opted for the colours “Chalk White” (our beautiful white) and “Desert Sand” (khaki). There is a great story attached to the colour Desert Sand, which is about the way in which we discovered that colour. Like all of our colours, Desert Sand comes straight from nature. A lovely thing to read but complex to find.


Undiemeister®️ are always looking for improvements to serve our customers even better. We are currently expanding our range even further and will inform our customers via the newsletter in due course. We are also investigating whether we can make our packaging even more sustainable.


We haven't been here for very long, and we've already expanded our range. Because Meisters are worth it!