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Undiemeister® T-shirts V-neck

V-neck T-shirts

A tribal war can be about anything and everything. The most trivial subjects can be the beginning of a feud between two groups, and after many years no one really knows what the dispute was about. But apparently that doesn’t matter anymore, because the divide is already a fact and if necessary all kinds of other, often again trivial, subjects are added to the pile to make it obvious that there are reasons for the animosity. And if those subjects turn out not to be convincing, because they were only added later, it all boils down to the world-famous principles. And in those cases you will be hardpressed to find a way to connect both parties. That will really won’t be an option anymore.

The different types of necks

Well, I’m sure you wonder what on earth the above considerations have to do with T-shirts. More than you think. Because men also seem to split into two groups, or three rather, when it comes to the neck of a T-shirt. Forget about sleeve length, back length, slim-fit, regular-fit or whatever you can think of to describe the fit of a T-shirt. All of that is nothing compared to the personal preferences about the neckline of T-shirts.

And which sides do we have? Or rather, between which tribes does this tribal war take place? Tribe one is the tribe of the round T-shirt neck, we will talk about that elsewhere on this site. Tribe two is the tribe of the V-neck men’s T-shirt. The latter tribe splits itself into two “sub-fractions”, namely the tribe of the normal, say the normal V-neck T-shirt and the tribe of the deep V-neck T-shirts. The tribe of the deep V-neck T-shirts has split off from the standard V-neck T-shirt tribe.

The standard V-neck T-shirts.

You would think that the standard V-neck T-shirt came first. That much becomes clear when we look at the history books, right? No, that’s not entirely true. It seems that men in Napoleon’s day all wore deep V-neck T-shirts. And also T-shirts with buttons. Those V-neck T-shirts became out of fashion at the time of the French Revolution, when the fashion of wearing long coats, knee shorts with white stockings and shiny shoes with big buckles had to go.

That type of outfit was associated with the nobility and as you know, everyone with a fancy title ended up with their neck on the Guillotine. If that is the case, you’ll think twice about what you wear! It is probably during that tumultuous period that also the T-shirt deep V-neck remained in the closet, for safety’s sake you see.

Fast forward to the twenty-first century. The regular T-shirt with a V-neck was allowed again and could be worn without risking your own life. Because people are forgetful, the wheel was reinvented. Carefully of course. Take it easy, so the line won’t break. And so the standard T-shirt V-neck was born.

And as is the case in a liberalizing society, there were also other wishes that had to be met and so, in that sense later on, the men’s T-shirt with deep V-neck was also invented. And that was that. But don’t try to offer a a T-shirt with a deep V-neck to a man who doesn’t know anything other than the normal V-neck T-shirt. That really won’t work. As if the animosity towards the nobility is still alive you might say.

Our fabric Mellowood®

Whether the choices are based in principle or not, we have respect for every choice. That is why Undiemeister® had both the standard V-neck T-shirts and the T-shirts with deep V-neck made of the fantastic Mellowood®. We will absolutely not interfere or ask about your preference, whatever V-neck T-shirt you prefer, everyone is welcome!

Have fun wearing your Undiemeister® Mellowood® V-neck T-shirt!