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Mellowood® t-shirts

Mellowood® t-shirts for men

A T-shirt is perhaps the most undervalued piece of clothing you can think of. It may seem so simple, but that’s where you’re wrong. There are more t-shirts made than all the other textile items put together. And then you soon understand that one t-shirt is not the other. Therefore, as experts in the field of the very best t-shirts on the market today, we want to offer you some advice. So if you want to buy a t-shirt or order a t-shirt, pay attention. Here we go.

The fabric of a t-shirt is super important

First and foremost, above anything you can think of about a t-shirt, we have to focus on the fabric. Why is that more important with a t-shirt than with other articles? Simple, you usually (probably always) wear a shirt directly on your skin. And your skin is more sensitive, more sensitive to some than to others, but still. So when buying a t-shirt or ordering a t-shirt, always pay attention to the quality of the fabric. Is that fabric nice and soft, does it have good ventilation (so that you and your t-shirt keep smelling fresh for longer), is any (perspiration) moisture is quickly removed, can you wear the t-shirt in case of an allergy. And… is the fabric sufficiently stretchy, so the t-shirt is always comfortable.

Mellowood® t-shirts are the only t-shirts that combine all the features you want to see in a t-shirt:

  • silky smooth
  • maximum ventilation
  • hypoallergenic (anti-allergic)
  • perfect moisture absorption
  • hardly any shrinkage
  • does not pill
  • maximum colour fastness
  • temperature regulating
  • Produced CO2 neutrally, with maximum recycling
  • natural colours

The model and size of men's t-shirts

And what else do you have to pay attention to? Of course the measurements, but especially which model or fit you have. Some men love a t-shirt that’s slim fit, so it wraps tight around your body. The other loves loose-fitting shirts. Another person may not want to feel their shirt at all. They will put it on, but no hassle or fuss.

It has to be there without constantly being there, if you get what we mean. And pay attention to the length too: do you not want your t-shirt to get out of your pants when you wear it tucked in (like an undershirt), or do you not care about that? And we’re not quite there yet, read on.

Colors from nature

The colours of Mellowood® t-shirts are inspired by nature. Black is called ‘Volcano Ash’, and white is ‘Chalk White’. As you can read, these are not just any colours. The inspiration comes from the volcanic ash and the beautiful various shades of white of chalk cliffs.

The finishing touch of our Mellowood® t-shirts

The finish, that’s right. Why is the finish of a shirt so important? Because you have no buttons on a t-shirt, which means you often put it on and take it off over your head. That puts pressure on the seams, and these have to be able to hold. So think about that when you buy a t-shirt. For example, check to see if the seams are double stitched. That is going to save a lot of problems. So ordering a t-shirt is marking off your checklist. But it can be so much easier.

With a t-shirt from Undiemeister you get everything you're looking for

Undiemeister has already considered all the above points. We have incorporated everything in our t-shirt. To start with, with our unique Mellowood® fabric, better for a t-shirt than any fabric you’re gonna come across. Our finish is sublime and the dimensions are excellent. In addition to all the properties that a t-shirt should have as described above, the great benefit to Mellowood® is that it hardly shrinks or pills. The colors are truly special. Not the standard blue but the beautiful ‘Storm Cloud”. Not your average green but ‘Misty Forest’. We called gray ‘Lava Rock’ is called ‘Volcano Ash’. You can probably tell, these aren’t just normal colors.

They are also slim fit and very stretchy. And make sure to consider the length. Our Mellowood® shirts are mainly worn under a shirt or sweater, the length of our t-shirt therefore is extra-long. No more shirt falling out of your pants, that’s truly a thing of the past.

Extra discount at Undiemeister®

To make ordering the t-shirt even easier and more interesting, we created the Meistertier. When you buy, you get an extra discount if you buy more in one order. Because that’s better for the environment: fewer shipments means less CO2, and you deserve a reward for that. This means your t-shirt benefits all parties. Both you and the environment.

The Undiemeister® range

In addition to the fantastic Mellowood® T-shirts, Undiemeister has also added boxer shorts to its range of products. Do you also want to enjoy the ultimate in comfort when wearing these? Then take a look at our Mellowood® boxer shorts.

Have fun shopping at Undiemeister and know that your t-shirt will be on your doorstep the next day!

Warm greetings,

Underwear 3.0!
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Ultra soft and comfortable underwear. And responsibly produced too. Awesome!
Undiemeister beats the bamboo
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You almost forget to take them off to wash, they are so comfortable
M van Geet
Happy with Undiemeister!
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Good information. Fast service and accurate delivery. The underwear fits and feels perfect. I'm happy with it.
Paul van weerdenburg
Expensive but good
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Excellent quality
Pricey but if something goes wrong it is solved nicely
Best shirts
Have tried everything
J.T.J. Bartels
Beautiful boxer shorts
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Beautiful boxer shorts. Good quality. Great fit. Delivery as agreed. Very satisfied.
Paul de Kleijn
I have good experience with undiemeister so far
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I have good experience with undiemeister so far. After I ordered the wrong size, I returned the items and the amount was credited within a week, you will also receive an answer within a day in the communication via email.
Janny Stappers
Beautiful material
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Wonderful material, looks beautiful and comfortable. I don't wear them myself but my husband confirmed the shorts and shirts are lovely to wear.
Good, fast service too!

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