Undiemeister® White Casual T-shirt Crew Neck Chalk White

White Regular Fit Undiemeister T-shirt, crewneck. Casual T-shirt in the natural white colour (Chalk White). Silky soft premium T-shirt, with the perfect fit. Comfortable to wear.

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Color Chalk White (white)
Material 50% TENCEL™ Lyocell, 50% Organic cotton
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  • Premium quality
  • Handmade
  • Eco-friendly
  • Free shipping from $ 90, -

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Chalk White

Undiemeister® White Casual T-shirt

The Undiemeister® White Regular Fit Casual T-shirt, ideal for summer days. An undergarment that you wear directly on your skin like our slim fit T-shirts, but now as outerwear. The same premium feeling, in the natural white of chalk cliffs, Chalk White. We want our casual T-shirts to provide a high quality experience. That's why the fabric is specially adapted to wear comfortably outdoors, with a slightly thicker, sturdy fabric combined with a higher percentage of organic cotton. Cool, highly ventilating, and sturdy without being heavy. Just the right balance. And with the unique properties you expect from Undiemeister®:

  • Silky soft
  • Pill-free 
  • Sweatproof
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Colourfast, even after washing
  • Hypo-allergenic and antibacterial
  • Thermoregulating

The natural white, Chalk White by Undiemeister®

The colours of Undiemeister® are inspired by nature. For example, white is often too cold and a warmer shade of white soon turns into a different colour all together. However, nature offers plenty of possibilities and choices for real white tones. Chalk cliffs offer so many facets of white, it was easy to make a choice. Chalk White is unmistakably white, yet warm and tactile at the same time.

Specially formulated fabric

The specially formulated fabric for our regular fit casual T-shirts consists of organic cotton and Lyocell, which comes from Eucalyptus trees. Because this combination provides perfect stretch for casual T-shirts, no elastane is incorporated in the fabric. Lyocell and organic cotton are the only natural components of the T-shirt. We safely say that this unique combination provides the unique Mellowood® properties to casual T-shirts.

Undiemeister® regular fit casual T-shirts are also produced with maximum CO2 neutrality, creating the optimum balance between premium quality and sustainability. That balance, between the highest possible quality on the one hand and attention to our living environment on the other, is what Undiemeister® strive for at all times.

Design details with premium finish

The high-quality finish of the Undiemeister® regular fit casual T-shirt can be seen in the details. The collar, for example, is finished in a 1.3 cm wide sturdy rib fabric without stitching, which is finished on the inside at the back with 1-cm wide, comfortable neck tape. No tickly label in the neck, but a print, without too much information. Essential washing instructions are on the soft-woven label, which is attached to the underside of the inside of the shirt.

Also with the regular fit casual T-shirts, the shoulder seam does not run flat on the shoulder but is placed 1 cm forward for a better fit. This way of finishing improves the appearance because it emphasises the shoulders. The ends of the sleeves have double stitching, whereby the "flatlock" is invisible and on the inside.

At the bottom of the shirt the hem is finished with double stitching with the flatlock on the inside. The hem has been placed higher for a more luxurious appearance. The recognisable Undiemeister® logo against the orange background is applied in a subtle coral-red stitching, which is only visible on the inside. So only to the wearer. Unique to the regular fit casual T-shirts is the new Undiemeister® logo, which is embroidered on the chest. Here, too, subtlety is key. The logo measures only 1.5 x 1.5 cm and is applied tone sur tone, so in practically the same colour as the fabric. Not loud but decent, like you are used to from us.  

Our regular fit casual T-shirt have, as the name suggests, a regular fit. Undiemeister® has deliberately chosen this because a T-shirt that fits a little looser around your body is the best choice in warm weather. The neck is not too tight and not too wide, just right.

The length of the regular fit casual T-shirt has also been carefully considered. Not too short, because the T-shirt should come down to well over your trousers. So no bare belly or back.

Volcano Ash

The Undiemeister® range

Your everyday premium essential slim fit T-shirts

Crew-neck T-shirts and V-neck T-shirts.
The Undiemeister® T-shirt range consists of crew neck and V-neck T-shirts, which are available in Chalk White™ (white), Volcano Ash™ (black) and Storm Cloud™ (dark blue). Slim fit in sizes XS till XXXL. Made from Mellowood®.

Deep V-neck T-shirts
The Undiemeister® T-shirts with a deep V-neck are available in the colours Chalk White™ (white) and Desert Sand™ (khaki). Slim fit in sizes XS till XXXL. Made from Mellowood®.

Singlets / Tank Tops
Sleeveless, sporty and masculine. In the colours Chalk White™ (white) and Volcano Ash™ (black). Slim fit in sizes XS till XXXL. Made from Mellowood®.

Essential premium underwear, don’t leave home without them

Boxer shorts in ten exclusive colours
Undiemeister® boxer shorts are available in Lava Rock™ (grey), Misty Forest™ (green), Volcano Ash™ (black), Storm Cloud™ (dark blue), Reef Clay™ (red), Canyon Dust™ (orange), Sea Breeze™ (turquoise), Iced Glacier™ (ice blue), Highland Moss™ (olive green) and Chalk White™ (white). Sizes: XS till XXXL. Made from Mellowood®.

Men's briefs with Undiemeister®-style waistband
Briefs are also available in Volcano Ash™ (black), Storm Cloud™ (dark blue) and Chalk White™ (white) with the same premium quality as the boxer shorts. Sizes: S till XXXL. Made from Mellowood®.

Trunks, for shorter legs
The trunks are available in Volcano Ash™ (black), Storm Cloud™ (dark blue), Iced Glacier™ (ice blue), Misty Forest™ (green) and Chalk White™ (white). Sizes: XS till XXXL. Made from Mellowood®.

Essentials, when summer is here!

Casual Summer T-shirts
Outerwear, especially for the warmer days. With a regular fit in the colours Volcano Ash™ (black), Storm Cloud™ (dark blue), Chalk White™ (white), Mountain Sky™ (clear blue) and Iceland Moss™ (clear green). Sizes: XS till XXXL. Made from Mellowood®.

Polo shirts
The polo shirt is available in Storm Cloud™ (dark blue), Chalk White™ (white), Charcoal Rock™ (anthracite) and the new colour Iced Water™ (light blue). Sizes: XS till XXXL. Made from Ecocell™ and organic cotton.

Swim essentials
Quick-drying swimming trunks with two side pockets, lockable pocket for valuables, back pocket with subtle logo. Cords for extra security. Available in six distinctive natural colours: Storm Cloud™ (dark blue), Iced Glacier™ (ice blue), Highland Moss™ (olive green), Ocean Clear™ (mint green), Summer Sunset™ (coral red) and Fiery Sunrise™ (warm red). From XS to XXXL. Made from recycled polyester.

Autumn and Winter are coming…

Long-sleeved T-shirts
Perfect for cold days, available in the colours Chalk White™ (white) and Volcano Ash™ (black). Slim fit in sizes XS till XXXL. Made from Mellowood®.

Italian pullovers
The Italian pullovers are available in the colours Midnight Sky™ (dark blue), Pine Woods™ (green), Frozen Forest™ (blue/grey) and Charcoal Rock™ (anthracite), in sizes S up to XXL.

Socks are essential footwear

Dress socks
Must-haves, in 3 stylish colours, perfect for all trousers and suits. Available in 3-packs in the colours Storm Cloud™ (dark blue), Volcano Ash™ (black), Lava Rock™ (grey) and a combination pack of all 3 colours. Available in sizes 35 to 49. Made from Tencel™.

Trainer socks
Sporty, yet smart. Available in 4-packs in the colours Storm Cloud™ (dark blue), Volcano Ash™ and Chalk White™ (white). Available in sizes 35 to 49. Made from Tencel™.

Invisible, like bare feet in your shoes. And yet soft and fresh. Available in 4-packs in the colours Storm Cloud™ (dark blue), Volcano Ash™ and Chalk White™ (white). Available in sizes 35 to 49. Made from Tencel™.

Premium essentials from Undiemeister®. Essential for you, essential for our planet.

Enjoy and feel happy with your contribution!

Brand :Undiemeister®
Product :Regular Fit T-shirt
Product Range :Casual T-shirt Crew neck
Color:Chalk White (white)
Size :
Material :50% TENCEL™ Lyocell, 50% Organic cotton

Size Chart and Washing Info

Our Mellowood® underwear from Undiemeister has the same dimensions as most other European brands. This means that you can order the same size you usually have. To be sure that you are getting the right size you can take a look at the size chart below.

Size chart boxer shorts, trunks and briefs

Size Waist (cm) Hip (cm) Jeans Size
XS 78-84 90-94 <29
S 84-90 95-99 29-31
M 90-96 100-104 31-32
L 96-102 105-109 32-34
Xl 102-108 110-114 34-36
XXL 108-114 115-119 36-38
XXXL 114-120 119-123 >38

Size Guide Slim Fit T-shirts and Long sleeves

Size Chest (cm) Length (cm)
XS 87-91 68
S 92-96 70
M 97-101 72
L 102-106 74
Xl 107-111 76
XXL 112-117 78
XXXL 118-123 80

Size Guide casual T-shirts and summer T-shirts

Size Chest (cm) Lenght (cm)
XS 84-89 67
S 90-95 69
M 96-101 71
L 102-107 74
Xl 108-113 77
XXL 114-119 80
XXXL 120-125 83

Size Guide polo's for men

Size Chest (cm) Lenght (cm)
XS 90-93 67
S 94-97 69
M 98-102 71
L 103-108 74
Xl 109-116 77
XXL 117-124 80
XXXL 125-132 83

Unprecedented premium, maximum durability

Washing instructions

Washing your garments at 30 degrees is more than sufficient for Mellowood® fabric. Often, people think that washing at high temperatures is better for the end result. This is not the case because washing at higher temperatures can damage the product or affect the fibres. We have had our products tested using different washing methods and the best washing instructions have been explained below. Mellowood® is naturally a silky soft material, so the use of a fabric softener is not necessary. You can read the washing instructions for our products below.


Washing instructions Pullovers

The special Merino-Tencel combination requires a little extra attention so that the pullover retains its beautiful look and special properties. But rest assured, this is very easy. That way, your pullover doesn't always need to be washed. Because if you hang it out overnight, by the open window for example, it already smells nice and fresh again. If you still want to wash it, use the wool programme in your washing machine. Maximum 30 degrees, with the spin cycle no higher than 600 rpm. A (little) wool detergent is fine and always wash wool together with wool. No jeans or other clothes with zips with it. And to avoid wrinkles, flat drying is best.


Bleaching agents

Never use chlorine or bleach when washing our products. Chlorine and/or bleaching agents are very bad for textile fibres and can strongly influence the durability of the products. They are also very bad for the environment.


The Mellowood® fabric is non-iron, so ironing is a thing of the past with Undiemeister undergarments.


We recommend not putting Undiemeister undergarments in the dryer after washing. The dryer can damage the product and shorten their lifespan. Line drying is sufficient and saves energy. Still want to use the dryer? Use a low temperature.


The shrinkage of Undiemeister is equal to that of cotton undergarments. With the correct washing instructions (30 degrees), the fabric will hardly shrink. When in doubt, you can use a spin cycle of up to 600 rpm.

We are sure that when the washing instructions are complied with, our products will retain their quality and comfort. If a product no longer meets the requirements after washing, we would like to hear from you. We will then investigate this in order to implement any improvements. So if this happens to you, please contact our customer service and we will find a suitable solution.

Would you like to know more about our Mellowood® fabric and the unique properties of this fabric?

Unprecedented premium quality, maximum sustainability.

Visit the Undiemeister® web store

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  • Mellowood® (from TENCEL™ and organic cotton)
  • Eco-friendly
  • Maximum Co2 neutral
  • Luxury finish
  • Perfect fit
  • Next step after bamboo

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