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long T-shirts

Many men are looking for (extra) long T-shirts. Why is that? It has everything to do with the purpose for which they use the T-shirts . And of course whether you have an average height or are taller than average.

As most people know, Dutch men are getting longer and longer. So it’s not so strange that more and more men are looking for long T-shirts. We think this sort of speaks for itself. If you’re tall, you need a long shirt to match. But the length of the man is not the only reason that the demand for a long shirt is constantly increasing. That also has to do with the use. So what do you want to use the t-shirt for?


Undiemeister® T-shirt

V-neck Chalk White (white)

Undiemeister - mellowood - t-shirt - chalk white – side

Undiemeister® T-shirt

Round neck Chalk White (white)

Undiemeister-mellowood-t-shirt-v-neck-black Volcano-ash-black-front

Undiemeister® T-shirt

V-neck Volcano Ash (black)

Undiemeister - mellowood - t-shirt - volcano ash - black -side

Undiemeister® T-shirt

Round neck Volcano Ash (black)

For undershirts, long T-shirts are ideal

That has to do with you wanting your t-shirt to stay tucked in your pants. If you bend over for example, but just during the day too. Nothing more annoying to constantly having to tuck your shirt back in into your pants, especially if you wear it under an ordinary, possibly long, dress shirt. That is going to end up looking terrible, having a weird bump right above your pants.

(Extra) long T-shirts are ideal. They simply stay tucked into your pants, it’s as simple as that. That is also the reason why Undiemeister’s shirts all have extra length. And it would be a bit of a disappointment if those shirts, after washing them just once, are suddenly no longer the long shirts you wanted. That would defeat the purpose of why you bought them. The shirts from Undiemeister, as you know, are made of Mellowood®. That means that these are virtually shrinkage free. Pay attention though: wash them correctly, thirty degrees Celsius is really enough, trust us.

So welcome to Undiemeister®, for all your long T-shirts, white and black. The long shirt that stays tucked in your pants!