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Undiemeister® T-shirts round neck

Round neck t-shirt

The most worn t-shirt of the t-shirts is the round neck t-shirt, we can be brief about that. Yes, as you can see we also sell V-neck t-shirts, standard V-neck and t-shirts with a deep V-neck at Undiemeister®. And to be honest, those t-shirts are also super popular, but still. The round neck t-shirt for men is a classic and will always stay that way.

And as is the case everywhere and with everything, there is round, and there is round. That is also true for t-shirts. For a long time, and for some men still, it was “hip” to wear as tight a round neck as you could handle. A round neck that fits high, so you see the t-shirt in all its glory. This is in contrast to the trend we see today where more and more men do not want you to see the t-shirt they have on. Funny how those preferences can shift over time. We think that has even become a bit of a generational concept.

Different types of collars

In order to meet the non-visibility of a t-shirt round neck for men, it is now possible to buy t-shirts that have a very, very wide round collar. We guess you have to be fan of that. We think it is a purely personal choice. To be honest, we aren’t really fans. It is a bit too extreme for our taste. So we also had to get used to the deep V-neck t-shirts, which are also quite daring. But hey, if our customers, who are also Meisters after all, want that, we will of course provide you with the best deep V-neck t-shirt you can buy.

So will we be switching to t-shirts with a very large round neck in the future as well? At this time we have chosen a t-shirt that offers the best of both worlds. Not that super tight neck that you really have to pull over your head with force and that you feel resting against you, against your Adam’s apple, but a more relaxed round neck that is comfortable. So not a very wide one, we think a very wide neck on a t-shirt is not really necessary. But yes, if the Meisters do want that, we will of course make sure that t-shirts with a very wide neck also become part of our range. We think that just makes sense.

Our range of T-shirts

With our current range of round neck t-shirts you are covered in all circumstances. Not too tight and not too wide. Just right. A t-shirt round neck that is not present all day long and accompanies you comfortably in all your activities.

That’s why we cordially invite you to come and get acquainted with our beautiful line of round neck t-shirts. But beware, fair warning: if you’ve worn our round neck t-shirts once, you will be sold. Because in combination with the fantastic Mellowood® Undiemeister® offers a fantastic wearing experience.

Guaranteed you love wearing them!